Creating & Printing a Manual Check (New UI) - Multi EIN


Adding a Manual Check

  1. From the Dashboard select the Start Widget link Process Payroll to be taken to your next scheduled payrollmceclip0.png
  2. Select the image18.jpg  icon for your next scheduled "open" check date, this will take you to the Payroll Prep steps
    1. Select the correct Payroll Name for the entity/EIN this check needs to be recorded under  mceclip0.png
  3. Do not initiate payroll, skip down and clickScreenshot_010917_040129_PM.jpg
    1. This screen will be blank if there are no other manual checks entered
  4. Select image7.jpg  in the top right
  5. Choose your employee from the dropdown list 
  6. Select a Pay Statement Type of ‘Manual’ 
    1. For multiple Manual checks, select ‘Manual, 2nd’ as the second check’s Pay Statement Type
  7. Select ‘Ok’image6.jpg
  8. Select the E/D Code in the first dropdown
    1. i.e.: Regular E01, Overtime E02, etc
    2. Enter in the number of hours in the Hours columnimage9.jpg
    3. The sections highlighted in green can be changed, if you choose:
    4. The Check # is set to ‘Auto’ automated by the system starting at #100 and ending at #99,999 
    5. The Check Date is automated to pull in today’s date, update to a different date if necessary
  9. Once all earnings are added, select image8.jpg
  10. Select image3.jpg  in the top right
      1. Choose the image11.jpg option and check the box next to the scheduled deductions to pull into this manual check 
      2. Select image10.jpg  image5.jpg
      3. You will now see taxes being applied to the check-in blue lines
      4. To add in scheduled deductions (ie: 401k, Medical, Loan, etc):
      5. If you need to edit any of the tax or deduction amounts, click into ‘Amount’ field to edit the amount then select image8.jpg  to update your changesimage2.jpg
      6. If you are not adding employee scheduled deductions you must mark this step as complete. Otherwise, an error will occur and you will not be able to close the pay statement. mceclip1.png
  11. Select  ‘Back’ to go back to the list of Pay Statements
  12. Check the box next to the manual check(s) you want to print, then select image17.jpg in the top              right
  13. Choose image13.jpg, check the box Close Manual Pay Statements, and select ‘Close'. This will lock the manual check from being changed any further and allows it to be emailed and printed                                                                                                      mceclip1.png
  14. To print the check, ensure all previous steps have been completed first:
    1. Select  image12.jpg
    2. Select image14.jpg
    3. Select the Destination to send the check to in the dropdown, for multi EIN select the entity you issued the check under (i.e. Carol's Email (JUE01))
      1. This should be named ‘Client Email’
      2. Un-check ‘Add Non-Negotiable’ box
      3. Enter a comment in the box
      4. Select image16.jpgimage1.jpg