Introducing the New UKG Ready Employee Profile Layout


We are excited to announce an update to the employee profile layout, available now in your UKG Ready account.

This new version includes an array of improvements based on your feedback including the ability to expand and collapse the Jump To links and the Profiles panels, the ability to always access the Profiles widget within the Employee Profile should you want access to it or hide it if you don’t, and more visibility to more widgets based on your screen size.
Included in this new version is the opportunity to provide real-time feedback with a link to a survey available from right within your solution that will go directly to the UKG Ready product team.

The feedback you provide will be essential to help the product team determine additional improvements to make before we implement the final new version in the June release.
When accessing the Employee Profile, keep in mind:

  • If you are using the classic or the current new single-column version as your default, it will stay as your default.
  • The new multi-column view is an opportunity to provide real-time feedback that will help us determine future improvements to make and decide which new layout will become the default employee profile when the June release happens.
  • Access to the classic view, the single column view, and the multi-column view will remain until our June release under the “New Look” toggle.
  • When we finalize the new version of the employee profile, you’ll have a full release cycle (six to eight weeks) to prepare your team to use the latest version.


Follow the below step-by-step instructions below to access the new Employee Profile Layout.


Step 1: Navigate to an Employee Profile, click on the "Try the New Look" button.




Step 2: This is the new single column view. Click on the "Try the multi-column experience" to explore the latest version of the Employee Profile.




Step 3: This is the new multi-column of the Employee Profile.

  • When you click "Take a Survey" in your solution, it will bring you to a survey to provide your input.
  • Remember: You can click "Back to Classic" at anytime to return to your original Employee Profile view.




Step 4: Provide real-time feedback on your experience!