Running CA SPSL and FFCRA Concurrently - TLM & Payroll


Running CA SPSL and FFCRA Concurrently

To record hours towards both CA SPSL and FFCRA, and only pay an amount towards FFCRA. 


TLM & Payroll Accounts

Go to the Employee’s Timesheet to add Time Off hours. 

  • Under the ‘Manage Time’ bubble, go to ‘Current Timesheets’ and then find the employee. Click the mceclip0.png icon to edit the Employee’s timesheet. 


  • You need to add Time Off hours for both CA SPSL and another line on the same day for the same amount of hours towards FFCRA. Click the + sign to add an additional line for the next Time Off to add.
  • By adding Time Off hours to both FFCRA and CA SPSL it will deduct hours from both FFCRA and CA SPSL balance. This will only pay out an amount  towards one Time Off, under FFCRA.


Preview the Employee’s Pay Statement in Payroll

  • When you process your next payroll, after you complete all ‘Time Prep Steps’ and then ‘Sync Time’ in the ‘Payroll Prep’ steps, under ‘Add/Edit Pay Statements’, Preview a pay statement for an EE you added both CA SPSL and FFCRA Time Off hours to their timesheet. 


  • Click the preview button, to view their pay statement and what will process


  • On their Pay Statement, you will see that FFCRA displays a paid amount AND hours, and that CA SPSL only displays hours


    • You should not see an amount being paid under CA SPSL. If you do, please reach out to your Client Support Team to correct this before you submit payroll.