Employee Logging In (New UI)

  1. Be sure to close your internet browser completely (ALL windows) before logging in after a reset due to locking your account
  2. Go to your company’s custom URL: https://yourpayrollhr.com/ta/COMPANYCODE.clock
      1. Your "Company Code" = 
  3. Enter your Username and Password mceclip0.png
    1. Review the message on the right for instructions on the format of your Username and Password:
        1. Your Username format =  
          1. There may be exceptions to this rule, contact HR if you have trouble
        2. Upon first login, your Password will be your social security number (no dashes; XXXXXXXXX)
  4. Once the Username and Password are entered, click the mceclip0.png button                                                                                                                                      mceclip1.png
  5. If this is your first login or you have had your password rest, you will be prompted to update your password to something more secure containing a number, symbol, upper/lower case character, and be at least 8 characters long
  6. Enter your social security number as the “Old Password” then create a “New Password”                                              mceclip4.png
  7. Click the image15.png  button to update your password, if it was unsuccessful the system will give you a message listing the reason the change was unsuccessful (i.e.: Passwords entered do not match)
  8. Once you click image15.png it will have you Configure Virtual Code Settings 
      1. Fill out as many fields that are applicable to you - Text Message does work best, but on occasion carriers may clog automated text messages so it is always good to have multiple options
      2. Be sure you fill out the phone number in the XXXXXXXXXX format - do not include "( )" or "-"
  9. Once you enter all applicable Virtual Code Settings click 'Save'
  10. You will then have to validate your computer/browser by sending a 6 digit virtual code to the method of your choice: Text Message, Voice, or Email                                                                                                    image4.png
      1. This will only be need to done on initial login or if logging in from a new computer/browser
      2. Select the radio dial for the Method you wish to receive your code
      3. Click the button mceclip0.png (or Make Call/Send Email if a different Method is selected)
      4. Enter the Code you receive next to the key icon
      5. Check the box at the bottom to have this computer remembered (as long as you login once every 30 days)
      6. Click mceclip1.png and you will be logged into the system