Edit When Timesheets Are Auto Submitted By The System


From within the timesheet profile you can edit when the system automatically submits the employee's timesheet. This needs to be set as soon after the pay period ends as possible to allow managers to start approving timesheets so ultimately payroll can be processed in time. This needs to be adjusted to later when the company has an overnight shift to accommodate the early morning punch out time of that shift that is still part of the previous pay period. For example, if the last shift clocks out at 5am you might want to set the timesheets to automatcally submit at 6am.

To find this setting, first navigate to the company's time sheet profiles: 

Company Settings > Profile/Policies > Timesheets 

From within the timesheet profile, navigate to the "Employee Policies" section, here you will find an option to determine when the timesheet is automatically submitted.