Accrual Maintenance Guide (New UI)


Key terms for Accruals:

Accrued To/Updated To Date: This date signifies the start of the employees accrual period. This date is “updated to but not including”, meaning if 10/1 were entered 9/30 was the last date the system calculated accruals through and beginning 10/1 the system will start the next accrual execution. 

  • If this date is left blank and the employee’s ‘Hired’ date is beyond 1 year, the system will never begin to accrue a balance for this employee
  • If this date is left blank and the employee’s ‘Hired’ date is less than 1 year, the system will automatically execute the employee’s accrual starting from the end of the waiting period (if any) up to the most current accrual period
  • If the employee needs to go through a waiting period again based on their new accrual assignment, a custom date (i.e.: PT to FT) field will need to be created for the policy rather than following the ‘Hired’ date. Please contact your Customer Service Rep to have these settings configured.

Accrual Period: This is the Accrue Rate frequency of the policy (i.e. monthly, per pay period, annual, etc). You will need to review your accrual policy frequency and waiting period to properly apply an Accrued To/Updated To Date.

Accrual Year: This is the Anchor Date or typically when the reset/carryover occurs (i.e. employee anniversary date, calendar day 01/01, etc)

Assigning a new Accrual Profile (i.e. Part-time to full-time, employee is now offered vacation):

Update the Employee’s Accrual Profile:

  1.  From your Dashboard, select the Employee Changes > Other Employee Information link2021-01-12_10h12_54.png
  2. Select the image2.png icon to edit the employee’s profile
  3. On the left side, click the "Jump To" link labeled Profiles, then select 'Manage Profiles' at the top of the page                      2021-01-12_10h14_23.png
  4. Update the Accruals profile based on what the employee should be accruing (i.e. update from ‘Sick Only’ to ‘Sick & Vacation’ profile)
  5. Select ‘Save’
  6. The employee will now be assigned the new Time Off code(s) with no Accrued To date or Current Balance




Assign an Accrued To/Updated To Date along with a starting balance (If custom date PT to FT is used, do not follow these steps):

  1. On the left side, click the "Jump To" link labeled Accruals, click on the Actions icon 2021-01-12_10h20_02.png then 'Edit Balances' 2021-01-12_10h20_27.png
  2. Enter an Accrued To date for the start of the employee’s accrual period
  3. Enter Hours Remaining if the employee should begin with a specific balance, or leave 0 if there should not be a starting balance 
  4. Enter a Comment explaining the need for the manual adjustment
  5. Select ‘Save’ 
  6. The employee will now begin accruing Time Off starting with the new ‘Accrued To’ date assigned, going forward the system will automatically update the employees accruals



Things to remember:

  • If time and attendance is active, Time Off will need to be entered on the timesheet to reduce the employee’s balance. If hours are just entered on the pay statement, no hours will be deducted from the accrual balance
  • When terminating an employee, review the Terminating Employees guide for instruction
  • If payroll only, crossing accrual year (anchor date) within the pay period, you will need to ensure the time off is on the correct date the hours were taken so it deducts from the appropriate accrual year. Contact your CSR for assistance (i.e. Took 12/26/18 off, deducting from 2019 accrual balance instead of 2018 balance due to system default adding Time Off to last day of pay period of 1/5/19)
  • If Time Off applies to previous pay periods, timesheets will need to be reopened to enter the Time Off hours to the applicable day