Assign Cost Center by Specific Clock Used to Punch In


When a punch comes into WorkForce Link, part of the data attached is the clock terminal the punch came from. A timesheet profile setting can be used to assign the working cost center based on that clock terminal. For example, if an employee clocked in from the Irvine clock, assign those hours to the Irvine location.

Go to Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Punch Code Lookup Tables and click Add New Punch Code Table. Assign a name and click Save, then click Add, select the Terminal and set the Cost Center, repeat for each terminal.


Next go to Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Timesheets and edit the Timesheet Profile. In the Punch Collection Settings section, there is an option "Use Punch Code List To Match Cost Centers", select your previously saved Punch Code Lookup Table from the dropdown