March 27 LinkHCM COVID-19 Client Updates


Below, please find a few recent updates for our clients regarding COVID-19. As always, please reach out to your Client Service Representative with any further questions or requests.

Timing Change: COVID-19 Accrual Codes

Due to rapidly changing national COVID-19 updates & clarifications, we are unable to set up the COVID-19 related Earning Codes and Accruals at the present time, as we had previously announced. Our engineers are modifying the system to reconfigure these system codes, and we want to hold off on applying them to any accounts until they are reconfigured to ensure proper reporting connectivity.


As soon as the system modifications are finalized, your Customer Service Representative will reach out to assist you with implementing this request. We will have this added to your account as soon as possible, with an anticipated date of April 1.

3/16 Office Update Clarification

In an email we sent out on 3/16, we stated that our office had phased into a remote work environment, but want to clarify that our distribution team is staying on-site so that payroll pick-up and delivery can continue as normal. 


This means that if you typically pick up your team’s payroll in person, you are still able to do so if need be. While we do encourage you to transition to a “paperless” delivery method (details below), we understand that some companies will need to continue with paycheck pickup. Those still onsite are practicing safe social distancing (we’ll greet you with a wave! 👋), and we have modified our pickup & signature process to adhere to the CDC Guidelines. 

Delivery Policy and Paperless Delivery Method

Please be assured that our payroll delivery service is scheduled to continue without interruption, with payroll deliveries being made to your offices as normal. Our delivery partners have implemented heightened safety standards and enhanced options for signatures in order to prioritize health during this time. 


However, as many businesses’ physical locations have transitioned to a remote work environment, we realize that delivery to your office may no longer be ideal.


If you currently receive paper checks and would like to change your delivery method to paperless for your next payroll, please reach out to your Client Support Representative before submitting your next payroll. 

Please note that a “paperless” delivery method means that:

  • Any employees set up on direct deposit will receive their pay stubs digitally. 
  • For any employees receiving paper checks, you will receive a digital file with their checks, and can print on check stock paper.
    • Our team provides each client with check stock paper during the onboarding process. If you need more check stock, please reach out to your Client Support Representative.
    • If we deliver a check directly to the employee’s home, we will need your signature on file to sign the paycheck. Please reach out to your Client Support Representative to confirm that we have your signature on file. 
  • Your scheduled reports will be sent to you via email, rather than printed and delivered. 

We encourage you to communicate with your employees about transitioning to direct deposit. That change can be made directly in the system -- please reach out to your Client Support Representative if you need help or direction.

EVO CLIENTS ONLY: 1st Quarter Returns Electronic Delivery Effective April 1

Please be advised that 1st Quarter Returns will be delivered electronically to all Evo clients beginning April 1, 2020 due to the COVID-19 emergency. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Customer Service Representative.