ZayZoon: Free Financial Education and Wages On-Demand for Employees


We at LinkHCM are proud to offer you and your employees a valuable service, free of charge, as a way of helping employees through these challenging times. Now more than ever, employees are in need of financial education and financial flexibility. This is why we are providing you with ZayZoon’s ZayU, a financial education and fintech tools platform, as well as their wages on-demand service, with access to free advances for employees of approved clients.


Please review the information below and let us know ASAP if you would like us to activate this for you. You can do so by completing our registration form here.


Here is more information from ZayZoon:


Education/FinTech Tools:

For the foreseeable future, ZayZoon will be offering employees FREE access to our financial education and fintech toolset, ZayU. There is NO requirement to be a wages on demand account holder in order to take advantage of the education platform. Within ZayU, employees have access to countless courses, tools, calculators and assessments, all designed to help them improve their financial literacy and set them on the path to financial health. Beyond the educational components, our fintech tools, powered by Plaid integration, bring transactional awareness to promote specific action. The balance trend, spend categorization and overdraft predictor all enable employees to maintain a pulse on the condition of their accounts. Budgeting is simpler and fees more easily avoided. The ZayU How To video is linked below.

Here is a video showing what your employees will have access to via the ZayU platform:


Free Wages On-Demand:

Over the next 60 days, ZayZoon is offering one fee-free wage advance per pay period to employees of approved employers. Approved employers include essential service providers and/or users of time and attendance platforms within the ZayZoon network. Prior to the COVID 19 crisis, 78% of Americans lived paycheck to paycheck. Now, even for those still working, wages have often been reduced and significant others are often without work. There has never been a more important time for financial flexibility. Going to the grocery store once every two weeks instead of once every two days? Unheard of for many employees, solely due to cashflow restrictions. Not with ZayZoon.

VISA: ZayZoon: Earned Wage Access is a win-win for employers and workers: