Paycheck Protection Program Reports Instructions


The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) went live on April 3 as part of the CARES Act. Within this program, small businesses can apply for cash-flow assistance via 100% federally guaranteed SBA loans. 


If you are looking for more details on the Paycheck Protection Program, download our Fact Sheet here, or access the complete U. S. Small Business Administration Interim Final Rule here


If you are considering applying for a small business loan via the Paycheck Protection Program, we recommend you begin the process immediately. The loans are anticipated to be allocated very quickly, and we don’t want you to miss out on the financial support in these trying times.


To get started on the PPP Process, reach out to your bank to see if they are in the SBA’s network of lenders and/or participating in the program. 


As you begin the application process with your bank, you’ll need to pull a few key reports out of Workforce Ready or Evolution: your 2019 Annual Payroll Register and your four Quarterly Returns for 2019. To help you expedite the process, we have outlined instructions below on accessing these reports for both Workforce Ready and Evolution clients. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you need assistance from our team or have any questions, please reach out to your Client Support Representative via email (NOT phone). Make sure to include “SBA Loan” in the subject line. This will ensure we can help you and everyone else as quickly as possible. We have a Strike Team in place who will be handling this specifically. 


We’ve created 1 report for you based on your 2019 data. This report can be found under 

My Reports > My Saved Reports (make sure you have Show Others’ Setting box checked as these are Company reports)


You can change the dates and export, or just leave as is for all of 2019 data.

  • Download the CARES Act SBA Loan Annual Summary PDF Report, then make the following calculations:
    1. Add the employer health insurance cost, the 401(k) cost and the state taxes. This will calculate your gross. 
    2. Then divide by 12 to get your average monthly payroll cost


Follow this pathway to access your Quarterly Returns:

Home > My Reports > Payroll > Tax Documents





We’ve created 1 report for you based on your 2019 data: 

  • CARES Act Payroll Cost Report (S4229)

The report will be automatically set to a 2019 date range, and you can modify dates as you need or download as-is. 

When you are running the report, there is a drop-down for Retirement Benefits under the Misc tab in the “E/D Code Groups” section. You must select your Employer Retirement Match group if applicable (i.e. 401k ER Match) in order for the report to calculate those totals.

Download the report in excel, and you can change the formulas to add/subtract the columns to determine the total average monthly payroll cost, as requested by your banker. 

NOTE: There is no clear answer of how to calculate your average monthly payroll cost. LinkHCM believes that the calculation is as follows for the calendar year of 2019: 

Total Gross Wages + Employer Retirement Benefits + Employer Paid Health Insurance Cost + Payment of State or Local Taxes 


You should already have received paper copies of your Quarterly Returns during 2019, and in addition, many of you have the CD service -- you can access these reports on your CDs.

If you cannot locate these, please send an email to with “SBA Loan” in the subject line and we will get them out to you expeditiously.


If you get stuck or have any additional questions, please reach out to your Client Support Representative via email with the subject line “SBA Loan.” As always, our thoughts and best wishes are with you during this time, and we will follow up with additional details as they become available.