Meet Your Service Team: Team Redwood


Our team has revamped our dedicated service model to create a Dedicated Team of two experts - not just one - who are your long-term resource with the system. 


We’re pleased to introduce you to your team, Team Redwood! Attached via links below, you will find a PDF that further explains the new model and introduces your team.



How does this work? 

  • Your team is made up of two dedicated client service representatives - both of whom are experts in the system and up-to-date on your account at all times. 
  • When you call your team’s phone number, if one of the team members is busy working with another client, you will be immediately connected with the other team member for assistance. This means less time waiting on the phone and more immediate help.
  • If both of your dedicated representatives are unable to assist you, you will be given the option to wait up to 5 minutes, or to request an immediate callback.
    • In addition to your team of two, we have added a third layer of support via floating service representatives. In the unusual event that both of your representatives are unavailable, one of our floating representatives can step in to provide immediate assistance.
  • With our digital system, if you request a callback you’ll be automatically added to a queue, and our team will get back to you in 30 minutes or fewer.


Again, in making this change, our priority is to provide faster and more effective assistance for you. In addition to the revamped client service model and your dedicated team, we are excited to announce the addition of DeAnna Martindale as our new Client Service Manager. DeAnna comes to us with a decade of experience in customer experience and service, and has been working with our team over the past month to adapt to this new model and the impacts of COVID-19. You can learn more about her in the Team Bios attached above. 


With these two drastic changes implemented, we are confident that you will continue to see improvements with your service experience. But, your feedback is absolutely critical as we work through this time. In the next few months, please keep your eye out for a survey about your recent experiences working with our team. Your feedback will help us continue to refine and hone our processes to provide you the best possible experience.