Adding Scheduled Arrearage Deduction Adjustments (New UI)


If an employee needs to have an  ADDITIONAL amount deducted/refunded on an already existing scheduled deduction, you can set this additional amount to be deducted/refunded automatically. 


From your Dashboard select Employee Changes > Other Employee Information, this will take you to a list of all your employees



Select the employee information image7.pngicon to choose the employee needing the additional deduction or refund

Select the ‘Payroll’ tab on the employee’s profile, then click the "Jump To" link on the left for Deductions to access the current deductions. Within the Deductions widget, select the Actions icon 2021-01-12_10h20_02.png to 'View/Edit' the current deduction(s) 



Within the deduction, click the "Jump To" link on the left for Adjustments, then click mceclip0.png



  • Amount- Enter the per payroll amount you want to have deducted/refunded, this will add to the already existing scheduled deduction amount. **This amount can be a positive amount (to take from the employee) or a negative amount (to pay back to the employee)**
  • Amount (ER)- Enter the Employer portion per payroll amount that needs to be recorded (It can be left blank if there is no ER amount to be recorded).
  • Note- Optional. **This is an internal note, it will NOT print on the employee’s pay statement**
  • Effective From/To: The timeframe you want to have the additional amounts withheld or paid back. These dates are driven by the check dates(i.e.: if you want the deductions to apply on the next two check dates (2/10 & 2/24), enter the ‘Effective From’ as the next check date (2/10) and the ‘Effective To’ as the following check date (2/24))  
  •  Per Pay Period- This must be checked for the deduction/refund to happen on each pay period. If this box is not checked, it will only happen once.

After you click 'Save', you will see a list of the deduction/refund payback schedule appear within the Adjustments widget. The Status will reflect ‘Open’ and the Pay Date will be blank until the payroll has been finalized


Once the payroll is finalized, the Status will reflect ‘Paid’ and in the Pay Date will list the check date the adjustment was applied to