Announcements Guide (New UI)



Announcements are messages that display to your employees, either as a pop up when they log in, a note at the top of their dashboard, or in an announcements list.


Configuring Announcements

  • Select the hamburger menu icon image5.png in the top left
  • Select the admin icon image3.png then navigate to  Company Settings > Our Company > Announcements


  • Select image7.pngimage9.png
    • a. Add Image: Upload an optional image to be displayed along with your announcement (this option will appear only after the announcement has been configured and saved.
    • b. Headline: Enter a headline for the announcement.  This will show at the top of a pop up or dashboard announcement, and as the name of the announcement in the announcements list.
    • c. Body: Enter the text for the announcement.
    • d. Active: Select this box to make the announcement visible to employees.  A start and end date can also be entered to make the announcement visible only during a certain timeframe.
    • e. Countdown: Select this box to show a countdown to a particular date and/or time.  The countdown will display on pop up announcements, or on the dashboard, but will not display in the announcements list.
    • f. Add To Dashboard Heading As: Select from “Information,” “Warning,” or “Error.”  This will display on the dashboard as image6.png image10.png or image1.png
    • g. Show as Pop Up On Login: Select this box to have the announcement display in a pop up window when the employee logs in.image8.png
    • h. Show Marketplace Link: Select this box to display a link to the list of marketplace services for your company. 
    • i. Visible To:  Select the group or security profile this announcement should be displayed to.
    • j. Related Documents:  Documents attached here will be available for the employee to download from the dashboard or the announcements list.image4.png
  • Once all settings have been configured, select image2.png