Editing/Creating Weekly Schedules (New UI)

  1. Select the hamburger menu image5.png  in the top left
  2. Select the team icon image9.png then navigate to Schedule > Team Schedule View > Weekly/Daily Schedule > Weekly Schedule
    1. image2.png
  3. If your employees follow a patterned schedule, a Weekly Schedule Profile should have been applied to the Employee’s profile to automatically populate their schedule each week
    1. If there is not a pattern the employee follows, a schedule can be built from scratch on the Weekly Schedule screen                  image3.png
    2. Schedules can also be imported via Employee Daily Schedules

     4. Click in the blank box for each day to apply a scheduled shift or click into a scheduled day to                 change the shift previously assigned shiftimage1.png

    1. By default the system will take you to this current week, but changing the Date Range filter at the top will display additional range of dates (i.e. Last Week, This Month, etc)image8.png
    2. In the ‘Type’ dropdown, select a pre-created scheduled shift (ie: ‘5pm-9pm’) or select ‘Fixed’ to enter in a unique shift
      1. If you’d like to have additional scheduled shifts added to your drop down list, select the admin icon image6.png  and navigate to Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Schedules > Daily Rules or reach out to your CSR for assistanceimage7.png

    5.  Once the schedule has been configured, you can export it to Excel, PDF, etc by selecting image4.png  in the top right corner