Employees Submitting Attestation - End Of Shift (New UI)

  1. Enter your Username and Password, then select image4.jpg                                                                              2021-01-13_14h05_37.png
  2. Upon login you will be routed to your dashboard, select the image6.png button within the My Clock widget to record your punch out and prompt Attestation                                                                                                                  2021-01-14_09h10_03.png
  3. You will then be prompted to complete the Attestation question(s) to attest to your timesheet accuracy, break confirmation, etc. Review each question and select image1.png  if it is accurate or select image2.png  if it is not                                                                                                                                                        image3.png
    1. If ‘No’ is selected a Reason Code, Note, or Comment may be required to explain your response
    2. If you click outside the prompt to exit, the Attestation question will be added to your To Do Items (see step 4)
  4. If any Attestation questions are unanswered or if ‘Cancel’ is selected, you will need to access the remaining questions from your ‘To Do’ bell icon image9.png in the top right mceclip0.png