Employees Submitting Timesheet w/ Attestation (New UI)

  1. Enter your Username and Password, then select image3.jpg image12.jpg
  2. Upon login you will be routed to your dashboard, select the link My Current Timesheet under My Time and Schedule image10.png
  3. On your current timesheet, select the left arrow button image5.png  to go back to the previous pay period timesheet image4.png
  4. Once on your previous pay period timesheet, click the Summary By Day option on the left to review the timesheet: image6.png
    1. Ensure there are no ‘Incomplete’ (missing) punches, this will be displayed as a image1.png next to the total hours for the day
    2. Ensure all hours recorded for each day are correct 
      1. Click on the date hyperlink (or select image11.png at the top) to review what type of hours that were recorded ‘Regular’, ‘Overtime’, ‘Sick’ etc 
  5. Send any final Timesheet Change Requests for corrections needed to your Manager/Admin
  6. Once your review is complete and all Timesheet Change Requests are sent, select image2.png the button in the top right image9.png
  7. Enter any comments regarding your timesheet, then select image7.jpg  to accept the verbiage and submit your timesheet for approval image8.png
  8. You will then be prompted to complete the Attestation questions to attest to your timesheet accuracy, break confirmation, etc. Review each question and select ‘Yes’ if it is accurate or select ‘No’ if it is not. 
    1. If ‘No’ is selected a Reason Code or Note may be required to explain your response image2.png
    2. Enter any comments regarding your timesheet in the text box allotted image13.png
  9. If any Attestation questions are unanswered or if ‘Cancel’ is selected, the timesheet will be submitted and you will need to access the remaining questions from your ‘To Do’ bell image9.png icon in the top right image6.png