Manager Approving Timesheets (New UI)

  1. Follow the Manage Time widget on your dashboard to complete these steps throughout the pay period
    1. Review Pending Timesheet Change Requests
    2. Run the Missing Punches Report
    3. Review Pending Time Off Requests mceclip0.png
  2. Once the pay period has ended, on your Manage Time widget select ‘Previous Pay Period Review’ mceclip1.png
    1.  ? = Missing Punches
    2.  image6.jpg= Daily Notes
    3. Time Off hours applied (i.e. Holiday, Sick, Vacation, etc)
    4. Any blank days (was the employee supposed to work that day and there are no punches recorded?)
    1. In this report you will have a calendar view of employees’ entire PREVIOUS pay period, review the report for any
    2. Lastly, review the employee totals on the left or department totals at the bottom image7.jpg
  3. Once the previous pay period is reviewed and the timesheets have no missing punches, select the Approve Previous Pay Period link from your Manage Time widget mceclip2.png
    1. In this report, you will check off all employees on the left and select image1.jpg in the top right to finally approve all the previous pay period timesheets. This lets the payroll processor know all your employees timesheets have been reviewed and corrected by you image3.png