Re-Hiring Employees (New UI)


If attempting to hire an employee previously terminated, an error will be received “Social Security Number is used by another account.” You will need to re-hire their previous employee record.                                                   image4.png

  1. From your Dashboard, select the ‘Other Employee Information link’ in the Employee Changes start widget image8.png
  2. Change the Employee Status column filter to display “=” and “Terminated”, then select mceclip0.png on the right to refresh the report  image6.png                                              image11.png
  3. Check the checkbox to the left to select the employee to be rehired  mceclip4.png
  4. Click the mceclip2.png button on the top right
  5. Enter the date for Date of Rehire then select the mceclip5.png button at the bottom                                                           mceclip6.png
  6. The employee’s Account Status has now been returned to ‘Active’. The system will now take you to their profile to review all settings to ensure base compensation, badge #, direct deposit account #, tax settings, scheduled deductions, vacation balances, etc are still accurate. Make any necessary updates to the employee's settings
      1. Employee Re-Hired/Hired Dates may need to be updated:
          1. If you are re-hiring an employee and you want them to complete the waiting period again (i.e. Sick accruals have a 60 day waiting period or benefit enrollments have a 30 day waiting period), match the ‘Re-Hired’ and ‘Hired’ date. The system will review the “Hired” date to determine tenure and waiting period time frame. image13.png
          2. If you are re-hiring an employee and you do NOT want them to go through the waiting period again and to be eligible immediately for Sick or benefit enrollment, leave the ‘Hired’ date as their original date image2.png


If you are utilizing schedules, the rehired employee will need to have their schedule manually generated for the current and next pay period

  1. Ensure the employee has a Work Schedule Profile assigned with their current schedule pattern
  2. Select the hamburger menu icon in the top left then navigate to Team > Schedule > Basic Scheduling > Generate Schedules
  3. Check the box next to each employee needing their schedules to be generated (Do NOT check off all employees)  mceclip6.png                                         mceclip7.png
      1. The From Date & To Date fields will follow the pay period dates you want to populate the schedule for into the future
      2. Leave Work Schedule blank, this profile should already assigned on the employee’s default Profiles
      3. Do not check Override Existing Schedule Entries unless you are overriding a current populated schedule
      4. Click ‘Generate’
  4. When reviewing the rehired employees timesheet, you will now see a shift populated under the ‘Schedule’ column mceclip10.png