EEO Reporting Guide (New UI)


 Employee EEO Information

  • Go to Team > My Team > Employee Information
  • Select the view for EEO Info




  • Review the EEO Info report for any employees with missing Employee Type, EEO Classification, Ethnicity or Gender.  These fields are required for all employees in order for the EEO report to populate correctly.


  • Update any missing information in the employee profile by selecting the icon
    • Gender and Ethnicity can be updated in the Account Demographics widget on the employee’s Main tab
    • Employee Type and EEO Classification can be updated in the Pay Information widget on the employee’s Main tab
    • These fields can also be imported if there are too many to update manually 


Populating the EEO Report

  • Once all EEO information is up to date, go to Team > HR > Forms > Government Forms > EEO-1
  • Select
  • Select which type of report you would like to create:
  • Single-Establishment Employer - Companies who operate in one location, as one establishment
  • Multi-Establishment Employer - Companies doing business at more than one establishment
    • A. Single-establishment Employer Report - required to file a single EEO-1 report
    • B. Consolidated Report - A report that includes all employees of the company
    • C. Headquarters Unit Report - A report covering the principal or headquarters office, and those employees that work from home that report to the corporate office
    • D. Individual Establishment Report - A separate report for each establishment employing 50 or more persons
    • E. Special Report - Can vary depending on your establishment
  • Select
  • Select the EIN (if applicable), Cost Centers, Account Statuses and Employee Types to include in the report and then click                                                          
  • The form will be auto-populated with the data available in the system, including the parent company name, address, and employer identification number.  The employment data chart in Section D will also be populated with the information from the employee profiles.
  • All remaining information on the form will need to be completed manually.
  • Be sure to the form to avoid losing any manually entered information.
  • Once the form is complete, select  or