Open Enrollment Employee Guide - New UI

  • Select your menu and navigate to My Info > My Benefits > Enrollment
  • Select  ‘Start’ to begin your New Employee Enrollment
  •  will allow you to select 2 or more plans and the attributes for which you would like to see a comparison.

  • Select your plan
    • To waive coverage, select the ‘Waive All’ checkbox. The system will prompt you to enter a ‘Waived Reason’ if your employer requires one.  
    • If you choose to enroll, select the plan you are enrolling in, then the coverage level.
    • If you must add a child/spouse/beneficiary to the plan you will be prompted to add once you have selected the plan.
    • Adding a spouse/child/beneficiary: Select the spouse, child, and/or beneficiary to add to the plan by clicking "+Add"

      • If this contact has not already been added to your profile, click “Add New” and fill in the required info for that contact and Continue, then “Save and Select”. 
      • You can also add from your existing contacts by selecting "Add From Existing Contacts."
  • At the bottom of each plan you can select which will allow you to view the plan details, coverage information, documentation, and a link to the provider website for more information.
  • Once your selection is complete review your selection, select  and e-sign your enrollment request by entering your system login password.
  • You will receive an email notification once your request is approved/rejected.

Court Mandated Benefit Coverage 

If you have a Court Mandated Benefit Coverage active for a specific plan type, during enrollment you will only be able to see coverage levels for that plan that include the dependent you must have covered. For example, if you have court mandated Medical coverage for a child, you will only have the option to enroll in EE+Child(ren) or EE + Family coverage levels. Other coverage levels will not display. 


On the Fill in Required Info pop-up, the dependent from the court order is not removable. A tooltip will display next to dependent's name with the message: “This dependent has been automatically added due to a court order mandating coverage.”


After your enrollment is approved and the plans are created on your record, the dependent from the court order will appear on the plan setup. This dependent cannot be removed or end-dated until the order expires.

If the court order expires during the Coverage Effective Dates, the dependent from the court order is NOT automatically removed from the coverage. You can explicitly remove this dependent during an ESS enrollment event.


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