Open Enrollment Employee Guide - New UI

  • Select your menu and navigate to My Info > My Benefits > Enrollment
  • Select  ‘Start’ to begin your New Employee Enrollment
  •  will allow you to select 2 or more plans and the attributes for which you would like to see a comparison.

  • Select your plan
    • To waive coverage, select the ‘Waive All’ checkbox. The system will prompt you to enter a ‘Waived Reason’ if your employer requires one.  
    • If you choose to enroll, select the plan you are enrolling in, then the coverage level.
    • If you must add a child/spouse/beneficiary to the plan you will be prompted to add once you have selected the plan.
    • Adding a spouse/child/beneficiary: Select the spouse, child, and/or beneficiary to add to the plan by clicking "+Add"

      • If this contact has not already been added to your profile, click “Add New” and fill in the required info for that contact and Continue, then “Save and Select”. 
      • You can also add from your existing contacts by selecting "Add From Existing Contacts."
  • At the bottom of each plan you can select which will allow you to view the plan details, coverage information, documentation, and a link to the provider website for more information.
  • Once your selection is complete review your selection, select  and e-sign your enrollment request by entering your system login password.
  • You will receive an email notification once your request is approved/rejected.