Recruitment - Hiring Manager Guide - New UI


Recruitment - Hiring Manager Guide

As a hiring manager you will be responsible for reviewing the applicants for the Job Requisition you have been assigned, and submitting a request for hire or re-hire, when applicable. Within the system, the Applicant screen contains the information the applicant completed to create an applicant profile. The Job Application screen is where you will update the hiring stage status of the applicant’s application (ex: Interview Candidate, Extend Offer, Request to Hire, etc).

Login to the system and go to Team > Recruitment > Candidates > Job Applications. From here you can review the applicant’s profile, review the job questionnaire, if applicable, and update the job application status. All hiring stages should be updated in the view job application screen (not in the view applicant screen).

  1. View Job Application: This is where you can review the resume and cover letter an applicant submitted for this job. This is also where you will update the job application hiring stages.
  2. View Applicant: This is where you can view all of the responses the applicant submitted, review the resume, and send emails directly from the system. Note: if applicable, ensure you review the question asking if the employee has worked for your company before. If the answer is yes and you would like to offer the employee the job, the Job Application hiring stage status (previous icon) will need to be updated to Re-Hired, not Hired.
  3. View Job Requisition: This is where you can view the job requisition the applicant applied to.
  4. View Applicant Questionnaire: If there was a questionnaire for the job requisition, you would view the applicant’s responses here
  5. View Text Resume: This is where you can view a text preview of the applicant’s uploaded resume document
  6. Job Title: Specifies which job the employee applied for. Note, if there is an applicant who has applied to both your job and another job, you will see both applications. This is so you can see if the applicant has already had a request for hire submitted.

View Job Application

Within the Job Application you can update the hiring stages of the applicant for this job. Once you have decided to hire an applicant, you will select either “Re-Hired” if the applicant has worked for the company before, or “Hired.” This will then begin a workflow to notify HR that a re-hire or hire request has been submitted.

The hiring stages change history will show you the dates in which you have changed the hiring stage for the applicant. If you need to revert back to a previous stage, select the button at the top right.

View Applicant

Here you can view the applicant’s profiles, and review their responses to the applicant profile questions. There are several tabs you can review.

From the communications tab you email applicants directly from the system and, if applicable, use email templates. If using templates, please ensure you review the email message and update any necessary information. A history will show the emails that have been sent to the applicant directly from the system.