Answerforce User Guide (New UI)

  • Select the hamburger menu icon image6.png in the top left 
  • Select the team icon image12.png then navigate to Learning > HR and Payroll Answerforce                                                                           image2.png
  • This comprehensive resource center contains a database of articles, documents, sample policies, forms, training checklists, federal/state posters and all tools needed to deliver up-to-date human resource information.  The compilation of data comes from a number of different Wolters Kluwer products, which creates one best-of-breed HR library
    • The ‘Overview’ tab will allow you to browse through some of the compliance content:


      • The Top Trending widget will display the top 10 trending articles. Click the blue hyperlink names to access any of the content
        • Some content will contain additional hyperlinks within the article to download a PDF or link you to another website for further informationimage5.pngimage8.png
      • The What’s New widget will display all the newly released compliance articles added to the resource center. On average 8-10 articles are added per day. Click the blue hyperlink names to access any of the articlesimage10.png
      • The HR Compliance Library will display the most common categories to search from, clicking on a blue hyperlink category will link you to the ‘Browse’ tab to review more in depth articles/documents about those topics. For example:image3.pngimage11.png
        • Quick Answers will allow you to search commonly asked questions
        • Sample Documents include sample forms, policies, and PDF posters. There are over 10,000 total documents within the database
    • The ‘Browse’ tab:
      • Drill down on HR Categories in alphabetical order ranging from Federal/State laws to information about COBRA Health Care to Newsletters
      • The articles will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen for your review. Within some of the articles, additional hyperlinks to outsourced websites or other pertinent articles are available
      • Select the icon image13.png to drill down into each categoryimage7.png


    • The ‘Search’ tab
      • Allows you to review all topics ranging from Overtime to OSHA Posters to ACA articles by keywordimage14.png
    • ‘Quick Search’ in the upper right corner
      • Type in a keyword or a compliance question and the appropriate articles will be available for you to access. This will route you to the ‘Search’ tabimage1.png