Employee Submitting Tax Updates (New UI)


To review your current Income Tax settings:

  • Select the hamburger menu image14.png icon in the top left 
  • Select the my info image6.png icon, then navigate to My Pay > Tax Information                                                                                    image16.png
    • Here you will find your Federal Income Tax (FIT) and State Income Tax (SIT) settings, this includes the Filing Status, # of Allowances, and any Additional Withholding $ or % image2.png image12.png

To submit a new Withholding Form to update your Federal/State Income Tax settings:

  • From your dashboard, hover over the My Pay icon and select the link My Withholding Forms image9.png
  • All previously submitted forms can be found in a list here along with their Status:    mceclip0.png 
    • New - The form has not been completed/submitted
    • Employee Completed - The form has been completed by you and submitted to administrators for processing
    • Processed - The form has been processed by administrators and your tax settings have been updated
    • Rejected - The form has been rejected by administrators and your tax settings will NOT be updated
  • Click the button image11.png  on the right to add a new form
  • Click image8.png next to the form you’d like to submit to update your tax settings (depending on your state, there may be more forms listed)
    • W-4: Federal form to update the Federal Income Tax (FIT) settings
    • DE4: California state form to update the State Income Tax (SIT) settings
    • You will need to submit EACH form separately to update both SIT & FIT taxes, if only one form is submitted only that tax setting will be updated image13.png
  • The form will auto populate your basic information like First Name, Last Name, Address, and Social Security Number the remaining information you will need to enter before submitting the form
    • W-4 image7.png
      • Select your Filing Status in Step 1, Section C (Single or Married filing separately, Married filing jointly, or Head of household)
      • Complete Steps 2-4 ONLY if they apply to you; otherwise skip to ‘Submit Withholding Form’
        • Step 2 Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works
        • Step 3 Claim Dependents (this is now a $ value rather than # of allowances)
        • Step 4 Other Adjustments (Other Income, Deductions, or Extra Withholding)
      • If you do not want FIT deducted, select “Exempt” in the dropdown below Box 4(c)
        • This will still calculate your wages as taxable to appear on your W-2, but you will not have FIT deducted from your check image1.png
        • The dropdown is also used to identify “Non Resident Alien” (NRA) settings
    • DE4 image3.png
      • Select your Filing Status (Single or Married w/ two or more incomes, Married one income, or Head of Household)
      • Enter your Number of Allowances in box 1
        • Pages 3 and 4 of the DE4 can be used to calculate the # of Allowances if you are unsure what # to enter
      • To have an additional amount withheld for SIT on top of the Filing Status/# of Allowances, enter the amount in box 2 (this can be left blank if no additional amount should be withheld)
      • If you do not want SIT deducted, check box 3 (this will still calculate your wages as taxable to appear on your W-2, but you will not have SIT deducted from your check)
  • Once all the required fields have been entered, click the button image10.png on the right to sign the form electronically and submit it for processing
    • Enter your password to sign the form electronically, then select image15.png image4.png
  • Select image5.png in the top left to go back to the previous screen and submit another form or to review all previously submitted forms
  • An email notification will be sent to you once the Withholding Form has been processed or rejected by administrators
    • Once the status is “Processed” your tax settings will automatically be updated