Employees Manually Entering Bulk Hours (New UI)

  1. Go to your company’s custom URL: https://yourpayrollhr.com/ta/COMPANYCODE.clock
  2. Enter your Username and Password
    1. Review the message on the right for instructions on the format of your username and initial password:
      1. Username is your Employee ID # (ie: 155)
        1. There may be exceptions to this rule, contact HR if you have trouble
      2. Initial Password is your full social security number without dashes image7.png
      3. Select the image5.png button to gain access to the timesheet
        1. If this is your first login or you have had your password reset, you will be prompted to update your password to something more secure containing a number, symbol, upper and lower case characters
          1. Enter your social security number as the “Old Password” then create a “New Password”                                               image1.png
    1. Select the image8.png  button to update your password, if it was unsuccessful the system will give you a message listing the reason the change was unsuccessful (ie: Passwords entered do not match). If it is successful, you will be re-routed back to the login page
    2. Once re-routed back to the login page enter your Username and the NEW Password you just created, then select image5.png
  1. Once logged in, select the link ‘My Current Timesheet’ in the My Time and Schedule start widget on your dashboard image3.png
  2. You will then be routed to your timesheet for the current pay period. Enter the total number of hours worked each day in the boxes below the date image4.png
    1. To add more rows to record hours under multiple Departments/Jobs select along the bottom 
    2. Once the hours are entered under each day worked, select to apply the time to your timesheet
    3. If you need to cancel or edit any Time Off hours (i.e.: Sick, Vacation, etc), submit a Timesheet Change Request to your Supervisor by selecting the button in the top right