Manager Resetting Employee Passwords (New UI)

  1. From your Dashboard, select the ‘Reset Password’ link under the Employee Changes icon image13.png
  2.  Click the lookup icon image14.png to select the employee(s) who needs their password reset image8.png
  3. Check the box next to the employees’ name(s) who need their password reset, then click image4.png at the bottom image1.png
  4. Click image6.jpg  in the top rightimage11.png
  5. You will receive confirmation that the password has been reset: image2.png
    1. The employee’s password will be reset back to their Social Security Number
    2. The employee will be forced to change their password upon first login


Only complete this next step if the employees does not have access to either the Text Message, Phone, or Email they previously set up. Once you complete this step all "Remembered" computers will be forgotten and the employee will have to authenticate all terminals again.

  1.  Go to My Employees > Employee Information
  1.   Click the image7.jpg button next to the employee who needs their Virtual Code Settings reset.
  2.   Click the image9.jpg  in the "Account Information" section, then click OK:                                                             image10.jpg



Employee's Logging in for the First Time or with a Reset Password

  1. Be sure to close your internet browser completely (ALL windows) before logging in after a reset due to locking your account
  2.   Go to
  3.   Login using your username and password:
    1. Your username will be based on company settings, review the message to the right for instructions on your company’s username format
      1. ie: Your {Employee ID#} (i.e.: 155)
        1. There are some exceptions to this rule, please contact HR if you have any issues
    2. Upon first login, your password will be your full social security # image3.png
    3. Reset your password **Be sure you review the minimum requirements**:
      1. The “old password” will be your full SS# and the “new password” will display the minimum system requirements                                          image15.png.                                                                   You will only be asked to Configure Virtual Code Settings if it is your first time logging in OR you have requested them to be reset
      2. Once you click "Change" it will have you Configure Virtual Code Settings: image12.png
        1. Fill out as many fields that are applicable to you ‐ Text Message does work best, but on occasion carriers may block automated text messages so it is always good to have multiple options
        2. Be sure you fillout the phone number in the XXXXXXXXXX format ‐ do not include ( ) or ‐
  1.   Once you click save, you will login into the system.
  2.   Log out instantly so you can verify this computer
  3.   Log back in with your new credentials: image3.pngYou will only be asked to validate NEW, terminals you did not select you "Remember", or if you had asked to reset your Virtual Code Settings 
  4. Once you login, you will have to validate this computer: image5.png
    1.  Select the method in which you wish to receive your Code
    2. Click the "Send Text Message" (or Make Call/Send Email/Send Text Message)
    3. Enter the Code you receive
    4. Check the  box to ensure this computer is remembered (as long as you login once every 30 days)
  5. Click Continue and you will be logged into the system