Processing Timesheets for TLM MME Only (New UI)


To complete any of the Payroll Prep steps below click on the image3.pngJust checking the box to the left of the words does not complete the step - you must click the words

  1. From your Dashboard select the Process Timesheets start widget  mceclip0.png
      1. This can also be accessed by selecting the hamburger menu icon in the top left image17.png, click on team icon image2.png, then navigate to Payroll > Process Timesheets                                               
  2. The previous timesheets will be listed, click the 2020-11-04_10h32_18.png  to go to the Time Prep Steps  mceclip1.png
  3. Select PENDING TIME OFF REQUESTS and PENDING TIMESHEET CHANGE REQUESTS to approve any outstanding requests or changes for this payroll
  4. Select REVIEW TIMESHEET STATUS to review any timesheets not previously approved by managers and to give a final approve as an admin
      1. In this report you want to review the Approval State column. If the Approval State is still ‘Open’ the employee may need edits to their timesheet, it has not been signed off by their Manager. Once a Manager has completed their final step of approving timesheets, the Approval State should be ‘Approved’
      2. If utilizing Workflows for Timesheet approval and the prior approval step is not completed, the Admin will receive an error message “Cannot approve all timesheet(s) due to approval workflow.” To override approval, navigate to Manage Time > Manage Timesheets > All Timesheets and approve employee’s timesheet from there                                                                           mceclip3.png
      3. If utilizing Workflows for Timesheet Change Requests an error will display when attempting to approve a timesheet with unapproved Timesheet Change Requests. These requests should have been approved in the prior step PENDING TIMESHEET CHANGE REQUESTS                                      mceclip5.png
  5. Select REAPPLY PAY CALCULATIONS to calculate all timesheets and apply rules for Overtime, Double Time, etc
  6. Select PROCESS RECORDS to gather time and prepare it for payroll. This step maps the hours recorded on the timesheet to earnings codes in payroll.
  7. Select REVIEW RESULTS to review a report of hours that are going to be synced into payroll
      1. This step will notify you of any last minute errors
      2. Employees will be listed multiple times in the report to list all Regular, OT, DT, Sick, Vacation, etc hours on their timesheet
  8. Click LOCK PAY PERIOD to lock the previous pay period timesheets and uphold the integrity of your historical data. This will stop employees from submitting any further Timesheet Change Requests or Time Off Requests for that pay period and not allow any edits (unless unlocked)
  9. Select CREATE PAYROLL INTERFACE FILE to create the export file of the timesheet data  mceclip3.png
      1. Click mceclip2.png  to export the file
      2. Click 2021-01-15_10h10_19.png when all timesheet processing steps have been completed