Review Timesheet Change Requests (New UI)

  1. From your Dashboard, select Manage Time> Review Pending Timesheet Change Requests mceclip0.png
  2. Ensure the Current View is set to display the ‘Pending Change Requests’ screen (Note: The ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ buttons are only available on the ‘Pending Change Requests’ view) image8.png image4.png image6.png
  3. Review the Pending Change Request report image9.png
    1. Time Entry Date: The date the employee is requesting their punches 
    2. Request Type: The type of Change Request the employee submitted (i.e.: Modify Punch Out, Modify Punch In, Add Time Entry, etc)
    3. Request Comment: Comments submitted by the employee about the Change Request
    4. Field: The entry type the employee is requesting to change (i.e. End Time or Start Time)
    5. Old Value: The original time recorded by the system (i.e.: will be blank if missing punch)
    6. New Value: The new time the employee is requesting to change the ‘Old Value’ to
  4. Select the mceclip1.png icon on the far left to jump to that specific day of the employees timesheet, for review. Ensure the time and date the employee is requesting are accurate based on the current punches on the timesheet
  5. After reviewing the timesheet and the request, check the box to the left of the employee's name to select their Timesheet Change Request then click mceclip3.png or mceclip4.png on the right mceclip2.png
    1. If approved, the employee’s punch(es) will automatically be updated to the new time requested
    2. If rejected, no changes are made. Include a comment to the employee explaining the rejection and if there is a need to submit a new Timesheet Change Request