Terminating Employees (New UI) - Payroll Only

  1. From the dashboard, select the Employee Changes > Terminate an Employee link image11.png
  2. You will be taken to a list of all the active employees, check the box next to the employee name you need to terminate, then click image15.png on the top right image22.png
  3. On the next screen, enter the Termination Date and click image21.png image18.png 
  4. Next, the system will have you review Items to Resolve (Common Items To Resolve relate to accrual balances, time entries after the termination date, or manager assignments)
    1. For SICK, select Ignore.  Since sick time is not required to be paid out at termination, this balance will remain. If re-hired in the future, the balance will begin again at 0. image13.png
    2. For VACATION, it is a bit more complicated. You may want to ‘Rollback’ if the hours have been accrued past terminated date, but you may want to ‘Calculate and Update’ if the hours are not accrued up to the terminated date. Review the following scenarios:image3.png
      1. If the employee is terminated BEFORE the pay period has ended and accruals are past terminated date 
        1. ie: Today, 2/1/16, you terminate an employee as of 1/28/16. The pay period was 1/16-1/31, but this employee was terminated 3 days before the pay period ended. If you select ‘Rollback’ this will give them a partial accrual for the 8 days they were active in that pay period. So, rather than the employee gaining 1.67 hours for the 1/16-1/31 pay period, they would accrue a partial amount of 1.36 for the partial pay period of 1/16-1/28. image14.jpg**The ‘Updated To Date’ means up to but not including, so the date 1/29/16 means the employee’s balance has been updated to 1/28/16.**
      2. If an employee is terminated AFTER the pay period has ended and accruals are past terminated date 
        1. ie: On 2/5/16 you terminate an employee as of  2/1/16. The previous pay period was 1/16-1/31 and this employee worked that entire pay period. If you select ‘Ignore’ this will allow the employee to keep their existing balance. So, the employee would keep their full accrual of 1.67 hours for the pay period 1/16-1/31. image5.jpg
        1. If the accruals are annually dumped and the employee is terminated mid-year.
          1. ie: Employee receives 40 hours on 1/1 annually then is terminated 7/5/16. If you select ‘Rollback’, this option will remove hours from their current balance to only give them a partial accrual from 1/1-7/5. If you select ‘Ignore’ it will allow them to keep all 40 hours accrued as of 1/1 even though they did not work the entire year. image19.png 
  5. Once all items are resolved, click image9.png  to complete the employee termination. You will receive a confirmation the termination is complete. image8.png
  6. Review the employee's current timesheet and remaining vacation balance to issue a final manual check. Once the manual check has been created, select Edit Accrual Balances to manually zero out the remaining balance image16.png
    1. Accrued To’ date should be their termination date, do not update that. Enter Hours Remaining as ‘0’ and add a Comment including as much info as possible (ie: check #, date check issued, final balance, etc) image10.png
  7. Select image17.jpg


A mass termination can also be performed if several employees should have the same ‘Terminated’ date

  1. Select the hamburger menu icon image7.png in the top left and navigate to My Employees > Employee Maintenance > Mass Edit
  2. Click image6.png to bring in a specific column to filter by (i.e. ‘Department’) or just scroll through the list to locate the employees
  3. Check the box on the left to select the employees to mass terminate
  4. Click image4.png  and attach a Pay Prep Profile of ‘Do Not Export’
    1. This profile will stop any current punches on the employees timesheet from syncing into the next payroll
  5. Select image20.png then go back to the list of employees
  6. Check the box on the left to re-select the employees to mass terminate image12.png
  7. Click image1.png
  8. Confirm the warning message by selecting ‘Ok’ image2.png
  9. Enter the Termination Date for all the employees selected and click ‘Ok’