Job Boards - Admin Guide



Activating the Job Board Configuration Widget

Before enabling, please note that completing the following steps for the Indeed Job Board will automatically post existing job requisitions that fulfill the Indeed criteria to the Indeed job site. See details below.


  1. Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration
    • Use the Edit Tabs to add the ‘Job Board Configuration’’ widget. 
  2. Check the ‘Active’ checkbox, enter the Company Email, and check the ‘Opt In’ checkbox, then Save
    • The ‘Opt In’ checkbox will opt in your company to having your Workforce Ready job requisitions automatically delivered to Indeed and the jobs posted on Indeed will include Indeed Apply.
    • You will have the option to change the EIN name as it will appear on Indeed.

*Note: After saving, all the existing job requisitions that fulfill the Indeed criteria will be automatically posted to the Indeed job site. A success message will indicate the number of job requisitions sent over. A hyperlink for inactive jobs will be shown in the success message, and when clicked, will navigate you to the report page of Inactive jobs. From there, you can make adjustments to the jobs so they can be sent over to Indeed.

  • A Terms and Conditions window will pop up for you to electronically sign. 
    • Initial opt-in for Indeed integration can take up to 10 business days to complete. 

Opting Out of Indeed Apply 

  • When unchecking ‘Opt In’, the Terms and Conditions pop-up will display again requiring your e-signature. If you opt-out of the Indeed Apply integration, external jobs created or updated are automatically sent to Indeed using an electronic feed and visible in Indeed's free search results, but they do not include Indeed Apply, and job seekers will be redirected to your career portal to apply. Once this is signed, the system considers the company as opted out with Indeed.

*Note: Indeed requires certain fields to be in the job requisitions before they can be successfully added to their portal. Typical information is Job Title, Description, Name, Email, Contact Information. Upon saving a job requisition, our system will prompt you with error messages if there are invalid fields. Once you correct the information and save, the job requisition will automatically be added to our dedicated XML queue and it will be added to Indeed, usually within 24-48 hours. 


Job Board Widget in Job Requisitions

  1. Go to Team > Recruitment > Job Requisitions
  2. Within the Requisition, go to the Job Board widget:
    • Indeed requires certain fields to be in the job requisitions before they can be successfully added to their portal. 
    • Typical information is Job Title, Description, Name, Email, Contact Information. Upon saving a job requisition, the system will prompt you with error messages if there are invalid fields. 
    • Once you correct the information and save, the job requisition will automatically be added to Indeed, usually within 24-48 hours. 
  3. Within each Requisition, the following options will be available under the Job Board widget:


  • Post On Job Boards – Allows you to manually post a Job Requisition to Indeed. This is only necessary if you have manually unposted a job and then need to repost it again. When a new or existing job requisition is created or edited and then saved, and it has all of Indeed’s required settings, the success message will indicate it was sent to the queue. 


If this message is not displayed, the job did not get sent to the Indeed queue and instead you will see a Saved message only. 


If you then manually use the Post On Job Boards button to post the job to Indeed, you will receive an error message stating what is wrong with the job requisition. i.e., a job that is not visible indicates the visibility dates are expired. Fix the error(s), save, and the job will post automatically. 


Job requisitions can be manually posted after editing or unposting a job. From the Job Boards widget, click the Post On Job Boards button. Check the Indeed checkbox and click Post. Enter your password on the Post Job Acknowledgement pop-up and click Yes. A success message will display when the job has been posted. If there is a problem with the job requisition, an error message will display explaining the problem.

  • Unpost From Job Boards – Allows you to remove a Job Requisition from Indeed and the career portal so it can be edited or closed. To unpost a job requisition, check the Indeed checkbox and click Unpost. Enter your password on the Unpost Job Acknowledgement pop-up and click Yes. The job will be unposted from Indeed and the status will be updated from the Job Boards status page upon clicking the View Status On Job Boards button.
  • View Status On Job Boards – Allows you to monitor when Job Requisitions were posted to Indeed and if they were unposted and/or posted again. This will display a listing of the jobs posted. It will show the name of the board in which the job was posted, the posted status, date and time of the last action, who posted the job, and the expiration of the job.



  • When a Job Requisition has been posted and then unposted from Indeed, doing so will cause the job to not be visible on the main applicant portal. This can also happen by disabling the visibility setting on the configuration page.
    • If the job is subsequently re-posted to Indeed, or the job is made active again by clicking the visible button, the job will be visible and available on both Indeed and the applicant portal. Once enabled, you cannot have a job on the portal but not on Indeed.
    • Applicants will be able to see the hiring stage status via Indeed. When an employer makes a change to an Application Hiring stage on an application that came from Indeed when you have opted-in, we will transmit the stage to Indeed so the Applicant can see their updated stage status.
    • If Indeed is disabled, you can choose to reactivate your job requisitions; but if Indeed is enabled, the job requisitions must meet the Indeed standards to be made active, and the system will deactivate jobs that do not meet their standards. 

eQuest Premium Job Boards (incurs additional costs) 

  • 1. Navigate to Company Settings > Marketplace > Marketplace Setup.
    1. On the Installed tab, locate the EQuest Premium Job Boards  and click the Edit icon. 
    2. Follow instructions provided on the page and in the eQuest Premium Job Board Configuration Instructions widget
  • 2. In Step 1: Premium Job Board Registration, you must accept the terms and conditions. After accepting, the widget will indicate this step is done.


  • 3. In Step 2: Premium Job Board Configuration, enter the required information. In the HTML editor, enter the job boards you wish to access. Click Save. Then click the Send Email To Equest button to request your eQuest sign-in credentials.


  • eQuest receives the request to set up the premium job board account and completes the setup of the account. The email confirmation shown below is an example of what eQuest sees when an account request is sent. The confirmation will state that it is an EQuest Account Setup For Kronos Customer [Company Name]. 
  • Typically, within one business day, the Contact/Email person listed in the Premium Job Board Configuration widget will receive an email reply from eQuest with the sign-in credentials. 
  • 4. In Step 3: EQuest Premium Job Board Account, after receiving the eQuest sign-in credentials, you can verify a connection with eQuest. Enter the eQuest credentials in this widget, click Save, and then click the Verify Connection button.


  • After clicking Verify Connection, you will be routed to the eQuest website to verify your sign-in credentials. Enter the provided credentials


  • Once you make a marketplace request by sending an email to eQuest, the eQuest support team takes action for your client zone by creating a client group, reaching out to you and instructing you on the next steps. They will also provide you with knowledge base materials to assist you in taking the next steps. Listed below are steps you need to take prior to posting jobs to eQuest:
    • Create job board options and configure inventory allotments. Note that options may vary based on job boards.
    • Create posting accounts. Typically, this is limited to one per client, which will be used to store your credentials on the eQuest configuration page. Be sure to document your username and password for later use.
    • Configure your job board permissions and Save. 
    • After completing these steps, you should be ready to post jobs to eQuest. 

*Note: Manually supported boards such as Craigslist require a separate contract and are not covered under the Premium Kronos-eQuest offerings. Manual boards are billed directly between eQuest and the client.


Posting Jobs to Premium eQuest 

  1. Go to Team > Recruitment > Job Requisitions edit the job requisition. 
    • The eQuest widget contains fields required for posting jobs to Premium eQuest. Once Classification Type, Function, and Industry are selected, click the Post On Premium EQuest Boards button to send the request (this must be done for each requisition).
      • Selecting the Post On EQuest Boards button will allow users to be able to select from the job boards that were requested during the configuration/verification process. Make selections and click the Post button.


After selecting the job boards and clicking Post, users will be required to enter their
WFR credentials (not the eQuest credentials). This pop-up will inform users that
charges will apply. Click Yes to complete the posting.


    • The Unpost On Premium EQuest Boards button can be used to send a request to eQuest to un-post the job from the premium boards. When clicking the Unpost On EQuest Boards button, users will then be presented with a list of the job boards where one, some, or all the job boards can be removed from job posting. Click Delete to complete the removal.  
    • The View Job Status On Premium EQuest button will open a pop-up report showing the criteria of job postings. This information is fed to us from eQuest. By clicking the View Job Status On EQuest button, users can see the details of the job posting.