Inventory / Custom Tables Guide (New UI)


Inventory Profiles allow you to create tables with custom fields, in order to track information that is not otherwise available in the system.  They can also be used to organize employee information into a custom columnar report.


Inventory Profiles

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Inventory Profiles
  • Select                                          
  • Enter a name for the profile and select  
  • Select to create the columns that will make up the profile
  • Select the  icon to configure the field
    • a. Enabled:  Select this box to make this field available in the table
    • b. Label:  Enter a name for the field
    • c. Description:  Enter an optional description for the field
    • d. Type:  Select the type of response that should be entered
    • e. Maximum Length:  Enter the maximum number of characters to allow in the response
    • f. Default Value:  Enter a default response, if applicable
    • g. Sort Order:  Fields will automatically be sorted in the order they were created.  Use this field to reorder the columns in the table
    • h. Display on Employee Screen:  
  • If the employee should select from a list of options, check the box for “Is List” and add options as needed.


Inventory Tables

  • Go to Team > HR > > HR Maintenance > Inventory and select the profile you want to view or update.
  • Select the icon to edit an existing record, or Select  to create a new record.
    • Select an employee from the list
    • Enter the information for each field and

  • Once saved, you can also add a note by selecting, or upload a document by selecting  
  • Employees can also be given access to view, update and/or add their own Inventory profiles, if desired.