Pay Grades New UI

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Pay Grades
    • a. Code: Enter a code for the pay grade
    • b. Pay Grade: Enter a name for the pay grade
    • c. Description: Enter an optional description of the pay grade
    • d. Active: Check this box to make the pay grade available to assign
    • e. Effective Pay Grades: Enter the pay type, minimum and maximum rates for this pay grade
    • f. Steps: If there are predetermined steps for this pay grade, the steps can be defined here
  • Save
  • Pay grades can be assigned to jobs under Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Jobs, if applicable, or they can be assigned to individual employees under Team > My Team > Employee Information, in the Pay Information widget on the employee’s Main tab.

  • If an employee’s compensation is outside of their assigned pay grade, the system can display a warning or error message.  A warning will display a message when attempting to save the change.  An error will not allow the change to be applied.
  • By default, pay grade violations are treated as Warnings, but this can be edited under Admin > Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup > HR Tab