UKGR FFCRA LOA End User Guide - New UI


Leave of Absence Guide (if applicable)

*Must have Payroll & TLM or Payroll & HRIS in order to utilize the Leave of Absence module


Leave Management

  • Adding the Leave of Absence Profile to the Employee
    • Team > My Team > Employee Information
    • Under Profiles, add the applicable Leave of Absence profile
  • Updating Cases or Adding a new Leave Case to an employee
    • Go to Team > Leave > Cases, and select the icon for the case you want to work on.  
    • Manually add a case by selecting
      • Choose the employee
      • Select the leave reason (FFCRA Care for a Child)
      • Enter a Start and an Estimated End Dates
      • Due to the different eligibility requirements between the standard FMLA and the Expanded FMLA for FFCRA, the standard waiting period and minimum hours worked rules had to be removed. Because of this, eligibility must be determined manually for non-FFCRA related leave cases.
      • *If you are utilizing TLM, you can run the ‘FMLA Look Back Period’ report by going to My Reports > My Saved Reports. This report will tell you if an employee is eligible for FMLA based on the standard waiting period (12 months) and minimum hours worked (1250 hours).  
    • Once the Leave Case is added to the employee use the tabs to manage the case, as follows
      • The General tab shows the case details and the employee’s entitlement balances based on the rules assigned within the LOA profile
        • Select the leave categories that apply to the leave case and press ‘Save.’
            • The Time tab allows you to populate leave time onto the employee’s timesheet
              • Create a leave time schedule. Generate Leave Entries will use this schedule
          • Select  to populate the time into the Leave Entries widget using the schedule you have created.
          • Review the entries and make any manual adjustments needed and ‘Save.’
          • Select to populate the leave entries onto the employee’s timesheet; this will use the time rules created in the LOA profile to determine the type of time off to populate (ex: sick, unpaid time off)
          • Select  to ensure the hours populated with the correct time off codes, etc.
      • Documents relating to the leave, such as FMLA forms, can be attached by clicking the button. Notes about the case can also be entered by clicking the button. 


  • Additional Employee Profiles to Update
    •  Please note, only make these updates after  all paid accrual time has been processed in payroll - these updates will stop an employee from coming into payroll. Do not make these updates if an employee is taking paid time off or on intermittent leave.
    • Team > My Team > Employee Information
    • Under Personal Information update the employee’s account status to LOA
      *** If you are utilizing the Arrearage Function, this will not calculate while an employee has a status of ‘LOA’. Any missed deductions will need to be managed outside of the system ***
    • Under Profiles, add or update the following profiles
      • TS Auto Population - Change to ‘No Auto Populate/No Paid Holidays’. This will prevent Holidays from historically displaying on the timesheet while the employee is on leave.
    • Under Base Compensation, update ‘Autopay Amount Earning’ to be blank in Base Compensation widget (if applicable - salaried employees)
  • Closing a Leave Case
    • Go to Team > Leave > Cases
    • Select theicon for the case you want to close
    • Enter the actual end date on the General tab and
    • Select
    • Select a Resolution Type from the drop down list
    • If the employee returned early see: “Making Adjustments to a Leave of Absence Case”


  • Updating the Employee Information Screen After a Case is Closed
    • Go to Team > My Team > Employee Information
    • Under Personal Information update the employee’s account status to ‘Active’
    • Under Profiles, update the following profiles
    • LOA Profile - remove the profile (only if all leave cases are closed and only if desired. Removing the profile will not delete the case from the system. However, you will be unable to view the employees cases without a profile attached to the employee. )
      • TS Auto Population - Change to ‘Holidays’ (if applicable). This will auto populate all Company paid holidays onto the timesheet.
    • Under Base Compensation, update ‘Autopay Amount Earning’ in Base Compensation widget (if applicable - salaried employees)
    • Under Accruals, click ‘Edit Accrual Balances’, change ‘Accrued To’ date for Vacation in Accruals widget as date employee came back from leave. Enter a comment, and ‘save’  


Manually Updating an Employee’s Entitlement Time Balance

  • You can back-date the employee’s taken time used by creating cases for previous leaves of absence. Include the dates and add the leave entries, which will then reflect as time taken within the employee’s entitlement time balance.
  • Another option is to manually enter how much time has been taken. This method will not allow you look back and refer to a specific case or refer to notes entered when the update was made.
    • The employee must be assigned the LOA profile
    • Within their employee information screen > HR Tab there is a Leave of Absence widget

If this widget is not already added, click ‘Edit Tabs.’ Click the HR Tab, and from the available windows list, drag and drop ‘Leave of Absence’ into the desired column and press ‘Save.’ Press ‘Back’ to view the added widget.

    • Once the widget has been added, click Run Entitlement Rules then Edit Leave of Absence Balances at the top of the widget to manually add the amount of time taken, as of what date and press ‘Save.’  You will now see the updated balance of the employee’s entitlement time.


Making Adjustments to a Leave of Absence Case

  • If adjustments need to be made to a leave of absence case, you must manually update the leave entries within the case and then populate the timesheet.


Extending a Leave of Absence Case

  • On the ‘General’ tab, update the est. end date and ‘Save’
  • On the ‘Time’ tab, there will now be additional leave entry dates. Manually add the leave times to the new dates and press ‘Save.’ Do not generate leave entries. 
  • Populate the employee’s timesheet to reflect the newly added entries.


Leave of Absence Forms

  • Leave of Absence forms can be assigned to the employee under  Team > Leave > Forms
    • Select the form you want to assign
    • Select
    • Select the employee from the drop down list.
    • Select to bring in any employee data available in the system.
    • The form can also be Finalized to lock it down and prevent further changes, if needed
    • The employee will now be able to access the form under My Info > My Time > Leave > Forms
      • Forms that cannot be completed electronically (for example, WH-380-E, which requires the signature of a Health Care Provider), can be downloaded as PDFs, and uploaded again once signed.