Open Enrollment Admin Guide - New UI


Update existing employee:

  • Using your menu, go to Team > My Team > Employee Information
  • Click the Employee Information icon  to edit the existing employee
  • Under the ‘Main’ tab, go to the Profiles widget to assign the employee a Benefit Profile labeled ‘Benefit Eligible’ with the employee’s enrollment eligibility date (if you are utilizing a ‘PT to FT Date’ to track when employees are switched from Part Time to Full Time status, be sure to select the correlating Benefit Profile)
    • Click the  mceclip0.png by the blank Benefit Profile they were assigned at hire, to add the new ‘Benefits Eligible’ profile and effective date
    • mceclip1.png
  • If the Benefit Profile assigned has a future effective date, the widget ‘Benefit Profile -Enrollment Override’  will allow the employee to see the available enrollment options prior to that date. Manually enter the dates you would like to allow the employee to view the benefits; otherwise, leave date fields blank if the effective date of the Benefit Profile is prior or current to today.
  • mceclip2.png


Court Mandated Benefit Coverage:

If an employee has a court order to provide coverage for a specific dependent, you can add this court order by going to Team>Benefits>Court Mandated Benefit Coverage. Click mceclip1.png on the top right and select the employee. You can then enter the order details:


Effective Dates: These are the From/To dates of the court order.
• Dependent: Select the dependent under the court order. Only one at a time can be selected since the Effective To date
can vary among dependents. So if there are multiple dependents, multiple entries will need to be created.
Benefit Plan Types: Select one or more benefit plans for which the employee is required to provide coverage.
Comments: Enter any supporting information here.

If the employee has a Court Mandated Benefit Coverage active for a specific plan type, during enrollment they will only be able to see coverage levels for that plan that include the dependent they must have covered. For example, if they have court mandated Medical coverage for a child, they will only have the option to enroll in EE+Child(ren) or EE + Family coverage levels. Other coverage levels will not display. 


On the Fill in Required Info pop-up, the dependent from the court order is not removable by the employee. A tooltip will display next to dependent's name with the message: “This dependent has been automatically added due to a court order mandating coverage.”


After the employee's enrollment is approved and the plans are created on their record, the dependent from the court order appears on the plan setup on the employee's record. This dependent cannot be removed or end-dated until the order expires.

If the court order expires during the Coverage Effective Dates, the dependent from the court order is NOT automatically removed from the coverage. The employee can explicitly remove this dependent during an ESS enrollment event.

If an employee already has a current benefit plan active and a new court order is added, a warning message will display: Court Orders will be enforced when new plans are added to the employee. Please review employee's current benefit selections to ensure dependent is added to any applicable plans.


After the employee has selected or waived benefits (For a Life Change Event or Open Enrollment):

  • Go to: Team > Benefits > Enrollment Requests > Change Requests Detail
  • mceclip4.png 
    • A. View Selected: Will view the complete benefit selection as it appeared to the employee.
    • B. Approve: Will approve the selected change request.
    • C. Mark as Complete: Selection will be marked ‘completed’.
    • D. Reject: To reject the selected change request, this option will prompt you to enter a rejection reason that will be sent to the employee via email.
    • E. Undo Completion: To undo the change request after its been marked ‘completed’.
    • F. View Account Benefit Plans: Will view all the accounts with a current active plan.
    • G. View Change Requests Summary: A summarized view of each benefit change request.

*If an Evidence of Insurability is required for enrollment, be sure to download and review the submitted form prior to approving. If not already available, be sure to add the “Button: Download Evidence of Insurability” and “Is Evidence of Insurability Required” columns to your report

  • Once the change request is approved/rejected, the system will send an email notification to the employee informing them of the change request status.
  • To view all employees and their status in the Open Enrollment process:
    • Team > Benefits > Reports > Benefit Open Enrollment Status
  • Open Enrollment Announcements can be set up under:
    • Admin > Company Settings > Our Company > Announcements
  • Document Storage can be used for the Open Enrollment Package or any other pertinent   information under:
    • Admin > Company Settings > Our Company > Document Upload

If utilizing the ACA Module, you’ll want to review a report prior to open enrollment to see which employees are eligible for benefits based on their ACA Status for the Standard Measurement Period:

  • From your dashboard, in the ‘Reports’ widget select the link for Other Reports this will take you to your My Saved Reports library
  • Filter for the report saved as “Variable EE After Standard Measurement Period” and select the run report icon on the leftmceclip6.png
  • Any employees listed in this report need to be offered benefits. They have averaged 130 hours monthly during the Standard Measurement Period
    • Follow the above steps for “Update Existing Employee” to update the employee to benefit eligible and to give them the ability to perform Open Enrollment