Performance Reviews Admin Guide - New UI



  1. Adding the Performance Review Profile to an employee
  • All employees must have a performance review profile added to them. Using the Start widget go to Employee Changes > Other Employee Information (or go to Team > My Team > Employee Information) and select the Employee Information Icon  
  • On the Main tab, under Profiles, select Manage Profiles.
  • Under Performance Review, click the hourglass icon to select the profile:

  • A window will pop-up with the available profiles. Select the profile you would like to apply by clicking the radio button and then ‘Close.’




  1. Adding the Performance Review to the employee (Please note: Adding the performance review profile to an employee does NOT start the workflow - the review must be initiated to start the workflow)
  • Using the start widget go to Employee Changes > Other Employee Information (or go to Team >My Team > Employee Information), select the employee and click the Employee Information Icon  
  • Go to the HR tab and scroll to the ‘Performance Reviews’ section, and click  (This will add applicable reviews to the employee)
  • OR, you can go to Team > My Team > Talent > Performance > Performance Reviews
  • Here you can individually add reviews based on the employee’s profile, or mass add reviews.


  1. Initiating the Performance Review - Initiating the review will begin the workflow
  • To mass initiate, go to Team > Talent > Performance > Performance Reviews. Select the reviews you would like to initiate and click
  • Mass initiating should typically only be used for reviews based on a specific calendar date (ex: January 1st of each year). Initiating the review will start the workflow, so only those reviews that should be currently effective and reviewed should be initiated.
  • To individually initiate, select to the left of the employee’s review
  • This is typically used when reviews are not based on a calendar date, but an employee specific date (ex: hire date) 
  1. Completing the review
  • Go to ‘My To Do Items’ tab by selecting the icon
  • Select ‘Review’ to begin the Performance Review


  • There are 4 tabs within the performance review


Instructions: Provides instructions for the employee and/or manager to complete the review.

Info: Gives the details of the Performance Review - the review reason, review period, etc.

Entry: Where review ratings and comments are entered.

Summary: Shows the summary of the review. On this tab, click to  sign the review.

If you would like to upload supporting documents click the   icon

If you would like to add additional notes click the icon

  • Once complete, select  then


*Note: If process changes need to be made to a review that's already in progress, it will not be applied until the next generated review.*