Recruitment - Admin Guide - No Job Requisitions - NEW UI


Reviewing Applicants

  • Go to Team > Recruitment > Candidates > Applicants
  • A few report views have been saved for you and can be viewed by clicking , Manage Views. You can also create your own views and save by clicking , Save View As.By default, this view is filtered for open applications only (applicants who have not already been rejected or hired).
  • Select the  icon next to the candidate’s name to view their applicant profile. 
  • The applicant profile is broken into tabs.  These tabs can be configured to your specifications by selecting the Edit Tabs button.
    • A. Main
      • Personal information
      • Any custom questions that were included on the application
      • Documents (including the applicant’s uploaded resume)
      • Hiring Stages: This widget allows you to track the candidate’s progress through the recruitment process
    • B. Resume
      • Skills Job categories
      • Work experience
      • Education
      • References
    • Communications:
      • (see additional details below)
        • Interviews
        • Overview of email communication sent to the candidate.
    • Extra
      • This tab will not be used
    • Applications
      • This tab will not be used
  • Hire: To hire the applicant as an employee
  • Communicate: To send an email to the applicant, can use the communication templates
  • Download PDF: To download a PDF summary of the applicant profile.
  • Add Job Application: This will not be used.


Communications Tab > Interviews

  • Select  and then Add to enter the details of the meeting. 
  • Participants: Click  to bring  up a list of employees that can be assigned to the interview.  Security profiles that do not allow access to employee information will not have access to this function.
  • Communicate:  Once the interview has been created, it can be sent as a calendar invitation to the candidate and any selected participants. Click  and then Communicate.
  • Update Interview Statuses:  Once the interview has been completed, or if the interview did not take place, update the status by selecting the date.

  • You can add notes about a candidate at any point in the process by selecting the  button.

Communications Tab > Applicant Communications

  • Click the  button at the top right to send an email, using the templates. The Applicant Communications widget will then track which email templates were used to email the applicant
  • *Note: You will not be able to see the body of the message sent, just the template that was used.



When you are ready to hire the candidate:

  • Change the Hiring Stage on the candidate’s main tab to “Hired”
  • Select the  button.  Some security profiles will not have access to hire applicants.
  • When you hire a new applicant, the system will pre-fill their Username with their email address. Make sure to clear out this field to allow the system to auto-generate a username that matches your company preference.


Emails can be sent to an individual applicant, or to several applicants at once.  

  • To email multiple applicants at once:
    • Go to Team > Recruitment > Candidates > Applicants
    • Select the applicants you wish to email
    • Select the button
  • To email an individual applicant:
  • Go to Team > Recruitment > Candidates > Applicants
  • Click on the button to open their applicant profile
  • Select the  button
  • If email templates have been configured, they will be available to select in the email window.  Templates will automatically populate the email’s recipient(s), sender, message, and necessary attachments, but changes can be made if desired.


Creating / Modifying Email Templates

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Templates Library > Communication Templates
  • Select the button for the template you would like to modify, or select  to create a new email template. (Some security profiles may have view only access to templates.)
  • Available Tags: The subject line and message of the email can be populated with data from the applicant’s profile.  For example, if you wanted your template to start with “Dear Josh,” you would select the tag for {ACCOUNT_FIRST_NAME} from the list of available tags.
  • Recipients:  Emails can be sent to any email address, however the applicant is selected as the recipient by default.  Be sure to add any additional recipients, or remove the applicant as a recipient, if applicable. 
  • Once the template is saved, it will be available to select when emailing from the Applicants screen.


Applicant Profile Setup

Company administrators will have the ability to modify the application that candidates will be asked to complete.

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Applicant Profile Setup
  • Each tab of the application will be displayed.  
    • Some tabs may not be visible to the candidate if they are not being utilized on the application.  
    • Active tabs will be indicated by a “Y” in the Enabled column.

  • Click on the  button for the tab that needs to be modified.
    • Some questions are associated with particular tabs by default.
      • Contact Info: Contact Info, Address and Security Question
      • Resume: Resume, Resume Additional Info, Resume Summary
      • Job Categories: Job Categories (as defined within the HR module)
      • Skills: Skills (as defined within the HR module), Other Skills, Character Traits
      • Work Experience: Work experience (up to 5 companies, with up to 5 job titles per company)
      • Education: Schools, Extracurricular Activities, Highest Education Completed
      • EEO Information: Applicant demographics
      • Professional References: References
      • Applicant Profile Summary: Resume summary and Electronic Signature
      • Cover Letter & Apply:  Applicant confirming their application to a requisition
    • Most tabs also allow for a section of custom questions.
      • Custom Fields: Any questions needed on the application, but not available on the basic application
  • Select the  button on the section you want to modify
  • Questions can be turned on or off, or made required


Creating / Modifying Applicant Profile Custom Fields

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Applicant Custom Fields
  • Select the button for the custom field you want to modify, or select  to create a new custom question

  • a. Applicant Profile Tab: Select the tab where the question should appear on the application.  
  • b. Label: Enter your custom question here  
  • c. Description: This field is for reporting purposes only, and will not be visible on the application.
  • d. Type: Select the type of answer you are expecting.  For long form answers, be sure to select “Text Area”
  • e. Maximum Length: For long form answers, be sure to increase the maximum length to allow candidates room to type in a response.
  • f. Sort Order: This is the order in which the response will show on the applicant profile


  • If the candidate should select from a list of options, select the “Is List” checkbox.  
    • Add each available option.  The applicant will now see a dropdown list to select from on the application.
  • Once the field has been saved, return to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Applicant Profile Setup. The custom field will now be available In the Custom Fields section under the tab where it was assigned.
    • Confirm that the question is enabled to ensure it is visible on the application, and set to required if you would like to require that the applicant completes it within their profile.

Obtaining the Link to the Applicant Portal

  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration > Instructions Tab
  • In the Job Search Setup Instructions widget, step 4, copy the link from “https:” to the “careerssearch”
    • If yours does not say careerssearch, copy the URL from the “https” to “jobs?”
      • This will be the link to the portal.