Adding/Editing Time Entries & Time Off TLM SBE & Payroll (Punch Timesheet - New UI)

  1. From your dashboard, hover over the Manage Time widget and select the “Current Timesheets” link2020-10-06_17h23_01.png
  2.  Select the 2020-10-06_17h24_44.pngicon on the left to edit an employee's timesheet
  3.  To edit existing entries (i.e.: an employee clocked in but did not clock out) select the “EDIT” option at the far right or click directly on the time entry.2020-10-06_17h25_19.png
  4. This will bring a pop up window to edit the time entry (below is an example of a missed punch) and then select Save.2020-10-06_17h25_48.png
  5. To add a time entry (i.e.: an employee forgot to clock in and out for an entire day) click the date on the left in which you would like to add time to.2020-10-06_17h26_25.png
  6. This will bring a pop up window to enter the From and To punches, then select save.      2020-10-06_17h27_07.png
  7. To add a Time Off entry : Click on the date on the left to add Sick/Vacation/PTO to that employee's timesheet2020-10-06_17h28_04.png
  8. In the ‘Total’ field enter the number of hours to record for the Time Off. Then in the dropdown for  ‘Time Off’ select what Time Off Code you want to allocate these hours to and Save.2020-10-06_17h28_34.png
  9. If needed, select the 2020-10-06_17h28_58.pngicon on the right to review any notes left by the employee. Or select the 2020-10-06_17h29_18.pngicon to enter a note onto the employees timesheet