Review Missing Punches (TLM SBE & Payroll) (New UI)

  1. From your dashboard, select the ‘Missing Punches’ link within  Manage Time2020-10-06_17h35_10.png
  2. Select the 2020-10-06_17h35_43.png  icon on the left to go directly to the Employee’s Timesheet for that particular day2020-10-06_17h36_08.png
  3. Review the employees ‘Note’ for the correct time to enter for the missing punch by selecting the note icon 2020-10-06_17h28_58.png on the right2020-10-06_17h37_06.png
  4. Enter the correct ‘From’ or ‘To’ time by selecting the Edit option on the right and typing directly into the time entry box. 2020-10-06_17h37_39.png
  5. Once the new From/To time was entered, select ‘Save’. The employee’s timesheet will now reflect the new time entries2020-10-06_17h38_14.png
  6. Add a note to the time entry notifying employees of the updated punch by selecting the 2020-10-06_17h29_18.png  icon on the right