Points User Guide (New UI)


A ‘Points’ Profile will need to be assigned to each employee to have the system calculate Points 

  • From your Start widget or Start button select the link under Employee Changes for ‘Other Employee Information’2020-10-06_17h42_36.png
  • Select the icon to edit the employee’s information
  • Under the Profiles > Manage Profiles section, choose the appropriate ‘Points’ Profile to assign to the employee then select 'Save'2020-10-06_17h43_12.png2020-10-06_17h43_31.png

You will also need to assign the employee an Updated To Date to begin their Points execution. If a start date is not given the system will go back to their hire date and execute Points from that date to the current execution date

  • From your dashboard, under Employee Changes, select the link for ‘Edit Points’mceclip0.png
  • Check the box on the left next to each employee needing an Updated To Date and click the button 'Change Updated To Date'
  • Select Calendar Date, enter the date to begin the employee’s Points calculation (this date is up to but NOT included)
    • i.e. If the pay period began 6/1, enter that date. The system will begin calculations as of 6/1 and going forward, anything prior to 6/1 will be ignored
  • Click 'Apply'


  • The employee will now list a zero balance with an Updated To Date, this is the date the system will begin calculating Points from2020-10-06_17h48_41.png


Points will be run for each pay period within your payroll steps under the step “Run Points”. To make any edits to the Points or to review the employee’s current balance select the link ‘Edit Points’ from your Start widget2020-10-06_17h49_23.png

  • Review the Updated To Date, Last Updated, and Points columns to see the last time the Points were calculated2020-10-06_17h50_27.png
  • Choose the employees from the list you’d like to run the Points calculation for then select 'Run Points Rules'2020-10-06_17h51_09.png
  • There are several options when running/calculating Points:                                                                                                    2020-10-06_17h51_38.png
    • Preview’ will allow you to calculate Points from the employee's current ‘Updated To Date’ through a specific date you select. This option will not update the employee's current balance this is just to see a “preview” of what would be calculated between those dates
    • Do Update’ will push through the addition to the Points balance for the specific date chosen and will change the employee’s ‘Updated To Date’
    • Test’ will allow you to choose either the employee’s current ‘Updated To Date’ or allow you to select a specific ‘Updated To Date’ to start the calculation from, then you can select an ending ‘Updated To Date’ to “test” what Points would calculate within that specific range of time
    • When choosing the ‘Run Up To Date’ (Not including) ensure the date follows your policy and that the date you select will not be calculated in the current Points balance (i.e.: if Points are calculated by pay period and the pay period begins on 8/4, you’d enter that date as your ‘Run Up To Date’, this tells the system to look at the timesheets up to 8/3 to calculate the employee's current Point balance)                                                                                                                                                     mceclip2.png
  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate options and entered a ‘Run Up To Date’, select 'Run Point Rules' . This will display a preview report of what was accrued during the timeframes chosen2020-10-06_17h55_05.png

Once Points are calculated for the period, a report listing the Points detail is available on your Dashboard, select the link ‘Review Points’ within the Employee Changes2020-10-06_17h56_18.png

  • This report will list all accrued Points by date and infraction for each employee2020-10-06_17h56_56.png
    • Select the 2020-10-06_17h58_06.pngicon to review the employee’s timesheet for the date the Point accrued
    • Select the 2020-10-06_17h58_40.png  icon to edit/remove any Points manually
      • Enter a comment for any manual changes
    • Check the box ‘Expired Points’ (under Filters mceclip3.png  at the top) to see any manual edits or expired Points

If any Points are calculating incorrectly, do not continually perform manual edits. Reach out to your CSR to review the current rule configuration so we can make any updates needed.


To manually add Points:

  • From your dashboard, select the link for ‘Edit Points’
  • Select the Edit Points icon mceclip4.png next to the employee you’d like to manually add Points to
  • Click the button 'Add Points'
  • Enter the Assigned Date the Point should be accrued on, Category the Point belongs to, enter the # of Points to accrue, and enter a Comment explaining the manual Point addition
  • Select 'Add'
  • This Point will appear in the Detailed Points Report with a Transaction Type of “Manual Edit” and the Comment will appear on the report