Base Compensation Change Reasons Admin User Guide


 Updating Base Compensation Change Reasons

  • Go to Admin > Global Setup > Global List Definitions > Base Compensation Change Reason Codes
    • Click the pencil icon to edit the existing Change Reasons
    • Select 'Add New' to add a reasons for base compensation changes (Merit, Promotion, Demotion, Job Change, New Hire, Re-Hire, etc.)
    • Enter a 'Name' and click 'Save'

Tracking Base Compensation Change Reasons

  • Go to Team > My Team > Employee Info >, click the mceclip0.png to view the employee’s profile
    • Click on the Payroll tab and then go to the ‘Base Compensation’ widget
    • Add a new rate by clicking the mceclip1.png
      • A pop-up screen will appear where you will enter the rate and select a ‘Reason Code’ for the rate change


      • Effective From date must be after the previously listed rates
      • Save
    • The new rate will now be listed, along with the reason code