Payroll Processing (New UI) - Payroll Only


To select any of the Payroll Prep steps below, click on the2020-11-04_10h31_34.png. Just checking the box does not complete the step. 

  1. From your dashboard, select the Process Payroll start widget2020-11-04_10h26_20.png
  2. The next scheduled check date will be listed, click the 2020-11-04_10h32_18.png  to go to the Payroll Prep Process
  3. In the EMPLOYEE RELATED FUNCTIONS section, click Hire New Employee(s) to add any new hires to payroll or click on Edit Employees to make any changes to employees (i.e.: rate changes, adding scheduled earnings/deductions, profile changes, benefit plan changes, etc.)
  4. Select INITIATE PAYROLL to create all Pay Statements, this will bring in all salaries, scheduled earnings/deductions, and tax settings from the employee's profile. 
      1. In the Initiate Payroll window ensure the options in red are selected. (You also have the ability to create a Pay Stub Note to appear on all Pay Statements, which is highlighted in yellow as it is optional)                                                                                                                                                                      2020-11-04_10h35_58.png
  5. Select ADD/EDIT BATCHES (You will always at least have one batch 'Regular Earnings' to view), the Regular Earnings Batch houses salaries, other scheduled earnings/deductions, and taxes.                              2020-11-04_10h36_51.png
      1. Select the 2020-11-04_10h38_51.png icon to open the batch for edit
      2. Enter all Regular, Overtime, Double Time, etc earnings that need to be added to the employee's check
      3. Deductions can also be mass added/edited by choosing 2020-11-04_10h39_34.png and bringing in the deduction columns to your batch    2021-01-15_10h04_49.png                    2021-01-15_10h06_33.png
      4. Once hours/amounts are entered select 2020-11-04_10h39_59.png
      5. Review ‘Totals’ along the bottom for accuracy
  6. Click 2020-11-04_10h40_17.png once all edits are complete and saved
  7. Select mceclip0.png to return to the Payroll Prep Process steps
  8. Select ADD/EDIT PAY STATEMENTS to make individual edits to Pay Statements (i.e.: double up on scheduled deduction or adding a bonus to one employee)
      1. Click on the mceclip1.png to edit individual checks. Be sure to click 2020-11-04_10h41_26.png (in the top right) after editing each check
      2. Once all edits are complete, select mceclip0.png  to return to the Payroll Prep Process
      3. Click Recalculate Pay Statements to ensure proper calculation of taxes, rates, and deductions
  9. Select SIGN-OFF OPEN ALERTS to clear any payroll alerts. These can be assigned on an individual employee basis or can be a company-wide alert (i.e.: terminated employees in payroll)
  10. Click CLOSE PAYROLL to lock all Pay Statements
  11. Select CHECK YOUR TOTALS to see the total payroll values by earnings, deductions, and tax codes
      1. Click the mceclip2.pngicon next to each deduction, earnings, or tax to review which employees received those wages/deductions/taxes
  12. Within the RUN ACCRUALS step, click Execute Accruals to bring all accruals up to date (will only be applicable if the accruals are based on hours worked                                                                                     mceclip7.png
  13. In the VIEW PAYROLL section, review reports to ensure the accuracy of your payroll before submitting
      1. It’s a best practice to review the Employees Not Paid report, the Payroll Register report, and the Payroll Recap Funding report
  14. Click SUBMIT PAYROLL to complete payroll