E-Verify User Guide (Registration & Verification Process) - New UI

  • Login and navigate to Admin > Company Settings > Marketplace > Marketplace Setup
  • Click on the ‘Installed’ tab
  • Select the edit icon next to E-Verify Connector
  • Fill in the E-Verify Configuration widget with all required information


    • Based on the company information, the County and EIN field will be pre-populated
      • For Multi EIN accounts, this will be the default/main EINs FEIN #
    • For Hiring Sites, select ‘Single Site Employer’ if client has only one location
      • If client has more than one location select the Hiring Sites as ‘Multiple Site Employer’, then enter the number of locations into the # Hiring Sites field
      • If client has locations in multiple states select the Hiring Sites as ‘Multiple Site Employer’, then select 'Add Hiring State' to add all applicable states and the number of locations in each state into the # Hiring Sites field
  • After all the required information is complete select 'Save'
  • Click the back arrow mceclip1.png
    • Select the edit icon mceclip2.png next to E-Verify Connector
    • Complete the E-Verify Registration widget


      • Click on the hyperlink to Accept Terms and Conditions to electronically accept with password
      • Once terms and conditions are accepted, click on the next hyperlink Complete Required Company Information
      • Click on the hyperlink Sign the Memorandum of Understanding to electronically sign with password
  • Once all links are selected and signed the registration is complete and a 25 page signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) will populate with the Company ID Number and Client Company ID Number
    • For Multi EIN accounts, this will display only the default/main EINs company name


Kronos will send a ticket to confirm the setup was completed. The ticket subject will be ‘POD2: E-Verify MOU Signed’ and the ticket will be automatically closed.


Now that the company registration is complete, you will  need to complete a user registration

  • Navigate to Team > HR > Employee Maintenance > E-Verify


  • Click on the hyperlink Start Tutorial; you will be required to complete a training tutorial on the verification process
      • All sections will need to be reviewed to complete the tutorial


      • Once the tutorial is complete, the hyperlink for Start Test will be available to select. You will have 10 questions to answer and must receive a score of 80% or higher to complete the test

After the user registration is complete you will be validated within 1-2 business days to begin using the verification process.

Once access is granted and confirmed, users can then verify employees under Team > HR > Employee Maintenance > E-Verify .

  • NOTE: Any users that will be creating E-Verify cases in UKGR need their primary phone number on their employee profile updated to be the full 10 digit phone number WITHOUT dashes. Otherwise, they will receive an error message when attempting to create an E-Verify case. 
  • Click 'Add New'
  • On the Enter Form I-9 Information tab, users will then need to enter required fields such as the employee’s Social Security Number, Date Of Birth, Hire Date, Overdue Reason for completing the verification, Citizenship Status, of Document Types provided for proof of citizenship (passport, license, etc.) If the employee already has a completed Form I9 in the system, this information will be pre-populated based on that form. By completing this section and clicking Continue, this will create a case with E-Verify, which will then generate an immediate response. The case can be monitored from this page under the Verification Results tab. When complete, the case can be closed and then viewed under the Case Closed tabmceclip0.png
  • Alternately, verification can be done directly within the Form I9 by selecting the 'Add E-Verify Request' button. (Team > HR > Forms > Government Forms > I9s)
  • Users will then manually verify the employee’s information by filling in required fields. When clicking Save and/or clicking the Mark Externally Verified button, the system will inform the user if required fields are missing.
  • After completing and saving the form and clicking the Mark Externally Verified button, the following confirmation pop-up will display. Clicking Yes will not allow further changes to the form. Click No, if unsure.


*Please note: In some circumstances, a case's current status will be marked 'Manual Review,' and can remain that way for several months. Once that has been resolved by the e-Verify team, you may receive a notice of Tentative Non-Confirmation. If the employee is no longer with the company, mark it as Not Contesting, then complete the follow-up questions accordingly.