Mobile App User Guide (New UI) - Manager/Admin


**Note:** For any employee related functions review the guide "Mobile App User Guide (Employee)"


Download ‘UKG Ready’ from your app store


Enter your Region and Company Shortname (                         ) , then select the mceclip3.png button. You will then be routed to the login


From the login screen, enter your Username and Password then select the mceclip4.png button


After logging in, you will be taken to your Dashboard. Here you can utilize the same links and widgets as the web portal:       


Within the menu mceclip0.png in the top left, as a manager you will have one menu for your own employee information under the My Info icon mceclip1.png and a second menu under the Team icon mceclip2.png which are the employees who report to you

                  2021-01-19_08h55_28.png                             2021-01-19_08h55_43.png

  • In the ‘My Info’ mceclip1.png section you will have the same menu options as your employees like My Benefits, My Time, and My Pay for all your personal employee data. The 'Mobile App (Employee)' guide will give you a descriptive layout of these options
  • In the ‘Team’ mceclip2.png section you will have menu options to My Team, Time, HR, etc to view data for all the employees you’re assigned to
    • Within the Start Widget on the dashboard, you will have the same links available for team data as the menu to perform duties like Review Time Off Requests, Review Timesheet Change Requests, or to edit Current Timesheets. Utilize whichever is easiest.

Under Team > Team Members there is a list of your employees where you can review their profile, review their time off data, or review their timesheets by selecting the mceclip3.png icon

    • This list can also be accessed from the Other Employee Information link within the 'Employee Changes' widget on your dashboard                                                                                                                                            mceclip6.png
  • Selecting the Profile option will display basic information from the employee’s profile, depending on your security access you may be able to edit the fields                                                                                                        mceclip10.png
  • Selecting the Time Off option will display several different selections in the dropdown menu in the top left:                                                                                                                                                                                            mceclip11.png
    • Pending Approval - you can approve/reject Time Off Requests from here along with seeing the employees current balance or editing the request. Select the Actions icon mceclip3.png for additional options   
          • This approval/rejection can also be done from the Review Pending Time Off Requests link within the 'Manage Time' widget on your dashboard                                                                                                                                                                                                                            mceclip12.png
    • Request - you can create a Time Off Request on behalf of the employee from here. This is the default screen you’re routed to when selecting Time Off                                                                                                          mceclip13.png
    • History - you can select the filter icon mceclip7.png to review the employees submitted/approved/rejected Time Off Requests throughout that timeframe. Click the arrow mceclip9.pngto expand the employee's history                                                                                                                                                         mceclip8.png
    • Time Off Calendar - you can view a monthly calendar of all approved/pending Time Off Requests. A date with an orange dot indicates a Pending request, a date with a green dot indicates an Approved request, an orange square will highlight the current date, and a pink square indicates a Holiday                                                                                                                                                             mceclip4.png
    • Balances - you can review the employees Time Off Balances by number of days or number of hours. Accrued, Taken, Current Balance, and Scheduled Time Off balances appear along the bottom with the Available displaying along the top                                                                                                                        mceclip5.png
  • Selecting the Timesheet option will display:                                                                                                                                mceclip17.png
    • All Timesheets – you can review all timesheets for the employees selected, by default you will be routed to their current timesheet.   
          • This can also be done from the Current Timesheets link within the 'Manage Time' widget on your dashboard                                                                                                                               mceclip16.png
          • Click the arrow mceclip9.pngnext to the date to expand each day's time entries
          • In the From and To fields you can manually edit punches or edit the Cost Center (aka Department) along the bottom
          • Click the notes icon mceclip15.png to review notes left by the employee
          • Click mceclip14.png after all edits are completed
    • Change Requests - you can approve/reject any pending Timesheet Change Requests. Update the filter mceclip7.png to review requests for different timeframes
          • This approval/rejection can also be done from the Review Pending Timesheet Change Requests link within the 'Manage Time' widget on your dashboard                                                          mceclip18.png
    • Timesheet Approval History - you can approve/reject the employees’ timesheets based on the filter mceclip7.png. You will be able to edit the timesheet or review other Approvers by selecting the Actions icon mceclip3.png
          • This approval/rejection can also be done from the Approve Previous Pay Period link within the 'Manage Time' widget on your dashboard                                                                                  mceclip19.png


The bell icon mceclip14.png in the top right will display a number of current Notifications or To Do Items that need to be reviewed 2021-01-15_13h28_49.png. Tap on the icon to review My To Do Items, My Notifications, or My Checklist items

  • My To Do Items is the first tab, this will list actions that need to be completed by you. Tap on the mceclip16.png to review and complete the To Do Item.
      • You can also utilize the links on your Start Widget on the Dashboard to complete your To Do items
        • i.e. The "Review Pending Timesheet Change Requests" link in the Manage Time Start Widget will allow you to approve/reject timesheet change requests, or the To Do item for "Timesheet Change Requests" will allow for the same functionality

                          mceclip1.png          2021-01-18_16h56_14.png                                                         mceclip0.png

  • My Notifications is the second tab, this will display emails generated from the system like approval/rejection notices or explanations on what To Do Items need to be completed.                                                    mceclip18.png
      • Tap the mceclip17.pngto review the message                                                                                       
          • The mceclip19.png icon will allow you to forward the notification to your company registered email address.
          • The mceclip20.png icon will allow you to delete a notification.
      • Check the box to the left then select the mceclip1.pngat the bottom to 'Delete' or 'Mark As Read' on multiple notifications, if the message does not need to be reviewed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2021-01-15_13h38_25.png