Evo ACA Client Instructions


It is imperative that you read and understand the attached instructions for maintaining these fields in the system. You will be responsible for populating these codes. 

  • The following fields will need to be maintained in the Employee section under the ACA Tab
  1. ACA Status- The most often used will be Part-Time Ongoing or Full Time Ongoing
  2. ACA Coverage-Code Series 1 (Line 14 of the 1095C)
  3. ACA Relief Code -Code Series 2 (Line 16 of the 1095C)
  4. ACA Benefit- Benefit Name
  5. Lowest Cost Benefit- EE Only Plan of the Lowest Cost (Line 16 of the 1095C)
  6. ACA Policy Origin-Leave as default B. Employer-Sponsored Coverage
  7. Benefits Eligible- Leave to default No (this field is currently not being used)
  8. Form on File- Leave default to No
  9. ACA Format-Both
  10. Form Type- 1095C


**Please note for Non-Eligible Employees the only field you will complete is the ACA Status field** 

  • If any of the fields highlighted in orange are changed, they need to be effective dated.


  • Right Click the field, effective period, create, enter the date, change field, click ok


*Please note that all effective dates should begin at the 1st of a month. i.e. 1/1/20 or 3/1/20

  • Benefits Plans need to be added when there is a new plan year. This can be maintained under Company-Benefits-Benefits
    • Select the Lowest Min Value Plan, click on rates (rates are entered by pay frequency)
    • Select the plan on the left, click create on the bottom right, enter the “Start Date”, “End Date”, “EE Part”, & “ER Part”, save & commit


  • To Enable Effective Periods in Orange


Please contact your CSR if you have any questions or need assistance.