Mobile App User Guide (New UI) - Employee


Download ‘UKG Ready’ from your app store


Enter your Region and Company Shortname (                         ) , then select the mceclip3.png button. You will then be routed to the login


From the login screen, enter your Username and Password then select the mceclip4.png button


After logging in, you will be taken to your Dashboard. Here you can utilize the same links and widgets as the web portal:                                                                                                                                                                                           mceclip5.png

  • Select to ‘Clock In/Out’ or ‘Change Cost Center’ to record a punch (if applicable, T&A Module)


    • If ‘Change Cost Center’ is selected, you will be prompted to select from a dropdown list of available Departments (or Cost Centers) to clock into. Tap the Department (or Cost Center) you’d like to clock into, then click 'OK' to record the punch.
      • If Geofencing is enabled, you will received an error message if you clock in/out outside of the restricted zone                   mceclip8.png
  • Review company wide Announcements, select 'Show More' to view the entire Announcement.


  • Enroll or review Benefits (if applicable, Benefits or HRIS Module) including the plan type (Dental, Medical, etc) and plan name (Kaiser Platinum PPO, Delta Dental HMO, etc) in the My Benefits widget

                                   mceclip10.png                                                                        mceclip11.png

  • Review Pay History, download PDFs of historical Pay Statements, and review Direct Deposit information in the My Pay widget                                                                                                                                      mceclip12.png


  • Review current accrual balances in the My Accrual Balances widget




The bell icon mceclip14.png in the top right will display a number of current Notifications or To Do Items that need to be reviewed 2021-01-15_13h28_49.png. Tap on the icon to review My To Do Items, My Notifications, or My Checklist items

  • My To Do Items is the first tab, this will list actions that need to be completed by you. Tap on the mceclip16.png to review and complete the To Do Item.


  • My Notifications is the second tab, this will display emails generated from the system like approval/rejection notices or explanations on what To Do Items need to be completed.                                                    mceclip18.png
      • Tap the mceclip17.pngto review the message                                                                                       
          • The mceclip19.png icon will allow you to forward the notification to your company registered email address.
          • The mceclip20.png icon will allow you to delete a notification.
      • Check the box to the left then select the mceclip1.pngat the bottom to 'Delete' or 'Mark As Read' on multiple notifications, if the message does not need to be reviewed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2021-01-15_13h38_25.png

To navigate through the menu options, select the hamburger menu icon mceclip2.png in the top left.

  • This will display additional menu options available for My Benefits, My Time, My Pay, My Schedule’, etc. Tap the arrows on the right to review the additional options in each section.                     2021-01-18_13h49_30.png             mceclip8.png
    • The arrow icon mceclip6.png will allow you to expand the menu options under each section
    • The home icon mceclip4.png will return you to the home page
    • The X icon mceclip5.png in the top right will close the menu
    • The search icon mceclip7.png can be used to find specific sections of the menu by name (i.e.: Current Timesheets, Balances, etc)
    • The caret dropdown next to your initials mceclip3.png will allow you to sign out of the mobile app or change the Company & Region


  • In the My Benefits section (if applicable, Benefits & HRIS Module), you will have an option to select either Enrollment or Benefit Plans
        • Enrollment’ allows you to perform any Life Change Events, Open Enrollment, or New Hire Enrollment. Tap on ‘Start’ to begin the process, along the way a progress bar will keep track of your remaining steps, then once completed you will receive a “Hooray!” message notifying you that enrollment was submitted. There will also be a confirmation on the Enrollment tab.


        • Benefit Plans’ will display your current enrollments and deduction amounts for each plan you are enrolled in. Select a specific plan from the dropdown to review, or if ‘All Benefit Groups’ is selected scroll down to review all plans                 


  • In the My Time section (if applicable, T&A Module), you can select to review:
    • Timesheet’ tab, this is the same link from your Dashboard for 'My Current Timesheet'
      • You will have access to select the Current or Historical timesheets within the menu selections                                           mceclip16.png
          • The left and right arrows 2021-01-18_14h06_02.png 2021-01-18_14h07_37.pngnext to the pay period dates will allow you to either go back to a previous pay period’s timesheet or forward to future timesheets
          • The arrow icon  2021-01-18_14h06_08.png next to each date will allow you to expand the days entries to review the From/To punches recorded or the Time Off hours recorded
          • The info icon 2021-01-18_14h06_19.png on the bottom will provide additional information regarding the timesheet (i.e. current state, # of incomplete entries, etc)
          • The paperclip icon 2021-01-18_14h06_27.png on the bottom will display the attachments on the timesheet and allow you to upload photos/documents to the timesheet
          • The clock icon 2021-01-18_14h06_33.pngon the bottom will allow you to record a punch
          • The ellipse iconmceclip1.png along the bottom will allow you to:
            • Change Request will allow you to submit a Timesheet Change Request to correct any missing punches
                • Select the Change Type (Modify In Punch, Modify Out Punch, Add Time Entry, etc)
                • Click on the day in the period you’d like to submit the request for (this will display the From/To time entries recorded
                • Click the arrow mceclip13.png to select the time entry
                • Enter the corrected From/To time
                • Click mceclip14.png to submit the request to your manager/admin
            • Submit will allow you to manually submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period
                • Verbiage will appear and a Comment can be entered or left blank
                • Click mceclip15.png to submit the timesheet for approval to your manager/admin
            • Time Off Counts will display your current accrual balances
            • Schedule will display your schedule for the current period         
        • You can also review other tabs of your timesheet, like the Summary by Day or Calc Detail by selecting the Time Entry dropdown option in the top left to select another tab to view                2021-01-18_14h21_24.png
    • 'Time Off' tab
        • The dropdown will allow you to review options for Request, History, or Balances for your time off data
            • For Balances, this is the same link from your Dashboard for 'My Accrual Balances':                                                                                                                                                                                  mceclip21.png
                • You can select to view your accrual balances in either ‘Day’ or ‘Hour’ format by tapping the option along the top
                • Scroll down to review each available balance along with the accrued, taken, current balance, scheduled, and pending time off counts
                • There is also a hyperlink at the bottom of each balance to ‘Request’, this will route you back to the Request time off option
            • For Request, this is the same link from your dashboard for 'My Time Off':                                                                                                                                                                                                 mceclip20.png 
                • You can click the cog icon mceclip18.pngto view your accrual balances in either day or hour format by selecting the option
                • Select a Time Off Type that you want to request by clicking the lookup list icon mceclip19.png
                • Select the mceclip17.png button below the balances to begin a time off request
            • For History
                • You can review the Time Off History for the next year, past year, or a 3 month period
    • ‘Clock’ tab, this is the same link from your Dashboard for 'My Clock'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        mceclip22.png                       
          • This is another location you can ‘Clock In/Out’ or ‘Change Department’ besides the Home page
          • Displayed along the bottom are your last 10 Recent Punches, tapping on the recent punches will route you back to the Timesheet option
    • ‘Schedule’ tab, this is the same link for your Dashboard for 'My Schedule'                                                                                                                                                      2021-01-18_15h34_35.png              2021-01-18_15h34_24.png
          • Here you can review your schedule for the current month, the calendar will highlight today’s date by default
          • Tap on the date you’d like to review your schedule for, or scroll through the list to review all scheduled times


  • In the ‘My Pay’ section, you can review your pay history       


        • This is the same link from your Dashboard for ‘My Pay Statements’ to see your pay history
        • The system will display your last 3 Pay Statements under the ‘Recent’ option, all others will be housed under the ‘Historical’ option
        • The Pay Date, Type, Pay Period Start, Pay Period End, Gross, and Net will be displayed for each check date
        • At the bottom click the mceclip23.png option to download the full Pay Statement, this will open the check in a browser window as a PDF file


You can review your Employee Information like Employee ID #, Address, Email, Phone Number, etc by tapping your initials in the top right of the screen. If your company has uploaded your photo, it will be your photo displayed in the top right instead of your initials.

  • The first tab to display is ‘My Profile’, this houses your basic employee information
    • Scroll down to review your account information, some options may be editable
      • For example Account Contacts should be editable, select the arrow icon mceclip13.png to review/edit data :                                                                                                                                                                               mceclip25.png
          • Tap the option mceclip24.pngto add a new contact
          • Check the ‘Contact Type’ you are adding, only those selected as “Dependent” will be eligible to add to benefit plans, only those selected as “Beneficiary” will be eligible to add to applicable life plans
          • Enter all the contact’s information and select to add the contact
          • Once Contacts are added you can navigate back to the ‘Contacts’ tab to see a list of all contacts along with an option to review more ‘Details’ about each contact
          • Click 'Save' after all required fields are completed
  • The second tab is ‘Change Password’ to update your current password
  • The last tab is 'Change Security Questions’ to update your questions when selecting "Forgot Password"