Override Taxes To Net Check To Zero (New UI)


The employee’s tax settings will need to be updated with Additional/Override amounts under Federal/State to properly apply all earnings to taxes. A CPA or tax professional should be consulted regarding the correct amounts to enter, this is not information LinkHCM can provide.


  1. During payroll processing, click on the mceclip0.png step
  2. Select the edit icon mceclip1.png next to the employee’s check
  3. Click mceclip2.png to recalculate the check
  4. Click mceclip3.png to review the current net check amount, this amount will need to be manually added to the current state and/or federal tax amount  2021-01-19_10h27_11.png
  5. To override the current state or federal tax amount, click mceclip4.png then mceclip5.png
  6. Check the box Override next to the state or federal tax amount you want to change, add the net pay amount to the current tax amount
  7. Click mceclip6.png
  8. Click mceclip7.png to recalculate the check with the updated tax amounts
  9. Click mceclip8.png to ensure the check has net to $0  2021-01-19_10h30_26.png