Introducing: Safer Time & Attendance with NoahFace


In 2021, organizations have an even higher legal duty-of-care with Workplace Health and Safety in protecting workers from COVID-19 exposure. At the same time, compliance, tracking and cost-effectiveness are also crucial for every enterprise.

That's where NoahFace comes in: safer Time & Attendance in one lightning fast step. Now, you can get safe and speedy No-Touch Time Punching, integrated with your LinkHCM Workforce Ready system. 



How does it work?

The NoahFace Time & Attendance system accurately logs and stores employee attendance times in accordance with workplace compliance requirements. With a direct integration to your LinkHCM Workforce Ready system, all time and compliance data is automatically synced and connected with the rest of your HRIS tools. 

This new and revolutionary technology is the lowest cost Access Control credential provider, and integrates seamlessly with other systems as needed. Say goodbye to the management, costs and potential safety hazards of security cards, key fobs and the risks of thumb readers. 

Best yet, NoahFace's technology is iPad based, making it easy for you to get up and running quickly. It is highly secure, works online, and offers highly upgradable features for your specific needs. 



What Features do I Get with NoahFace?

With NoahFace, you get all of the time solutions you could possibly need for your organization to manage in a COVID-19 world. 

NoahFace offers multiple solutions, all of which improve safety and cost-effectiveness for your organization. 

  • Touchless - completely touch-free, one-step access for time & attendance
  • Lightning-fast - works in less than the second it takes for users to look at the mounted iPad
  • Unmanned - does not require ongoing management or resources
  • Multiple Integrations - connects directly with Workforce Ready, as well as other Access Control systems your organization may use
  • Eliminates 'buddy punching' - Authentication algorithms eliminate buddy punching, saving your organization real money
  • Thermal Sensor Add-on - touch-less temperature screening to increase employee safety and reduce legal risk for your organization

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How Can I get Started? 

LinkHCM is proud to be a partner of NoahFace, making their technology available to our Workforce Ready clients with a direct integration.

It's 2021, and it's time to make sure your organization is prepared for the safest workplace possible. Book a meeting with our team and find out if NoahFace is a good fit for you. 

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