Repopulating Holidays Onto Timesheet


If an incorrect holiday has already been populated to the employee's timesheet, before repopulating with the updated settings you must first remove it from employee's timesheet.  If the holiday already populated is not deleted first, you will duplicate the holiday hours

If there is no holiday currently populated to the timesheet, you can skip to the update Holiday Table/Rerun population steps below.

    • Admin > Mass Edit > Mass Edit Time Entries - Edit
    • Ensure that the date range selected at the top is correct for the holiday mceclip2.png
    • In the 'Time Off Name' column search for "like" and "Holiday" to just find the entries related to the holiday that need to be removed
    • Select the applicable employees and their applicable entries and click mceclip2.png. This is going to delete the entire time entry - the time off code and the hours populated.
      • If the hours populated should remain, and just the time off code should be removed click mceclip3.png and update the Change Properties to clear Holiday Time Off
      • Click mceclip4.png 

To update the holiday table with a 'Holiday' date go to Admin > Profiles/Policies > Holiday Tables (if you do not have access to this functionality, please reach out to your CSR team for assistance)

    • View/Edit Holiday Table mceclip0.png
    • If this is a new 'Holiday' being added to the schedule:
        • Select 'Add Holiday'
        • Enter a 'Holiday Name' (i.e. "Day After Thanksgiving" or "Veterans Day")
        • Keep the 'Time Off' as "Holiday" and the 'Hours To Use' as "8"
        • Complete the 'Auto Populate Holiday' settings based on the holiday pattern (i.e. 'Automatically Populate Holiday On' if it's based on a specific date)
        • Click 'Add'
        • Review how the holiday is being populated for the next few years to ensure the correct settings were applied (i.e. if holiday falls on a Saturday is it moved or kept, etc)
    • If this is a one time update to the date populating for the holiday:
        • Manually change the date for the current year within the date field of the holiday with the corrected date and 'Save'

Re-run the Timesheet Auto Population Profile to have this new/updated date for the holiday populate to the timesheet. This also applies to re-populate the holiday based on any changes made to how the hours for the holiday are populated (i.e. updates to the employee's 'Standard Work Day' setting)

    • Admin > Time & Labor Maintenance > Auto Populate Timesheet
        • mceclip1.png
    • In the 'Populate From' and 'To' fields will follow the pay period dates you want to populate the holidays for
        • If this is to correct previously populated holidays, enter the 'From' date as the start of the pay period the first holiday needs to be repopulated for the enter the 'To' date as the end date of the pay period the last holiday falls on
        • This can be one pay period or cover several pay periods depending on the update you are making
    • In the 'New Time Populated To Date' enter the same date as the 'Populate From' field which is the pay period start date the first holiday needs to be repopulated for
        • i.e. If the populate setting is "2" pay periods forward, enter the start date of two pay periods prior to where the holiday fell


    • Select the applicable employees
        • Note: Ensure the timesheets for the re-population are currently in the "Open" or "Rejected" status, if the timesheets are in any other "Approved" or "Pay Prep Ready" status the holiday re-population will not work
    • FIRST click the 'Set Time Populated To Date' to make the system go back to that pay period start date to re-execute the automation of the holiday
    • SECOND click the 'Populate Time' to have the holidays repopulate based on the new settings
    • Review the EEs timesheets to ensure the population was applied as expected