June Release Series: New Employee Profiles


The "new look" is here to stay! After a few months of testing and gathering valuable feedback from clients, we are confident the Employee Profile enhancements will help you work more efficiently and achieve more with fewer pages.  


The new version gives you more data on a single screen through collapsible panels, resizeable widgets, and multiple columns. And, you can use the multi-column view to customize the Employee Profile even further by only showing fields that managers and admins use regularly.


Follow the overview below to navigate the new Employee Profile experience.

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Single or Multi-Column View

  • Use the toggle to switch between single and multi-column view 



Jump To Links

  • Expand or collapse the Jump To Links
  • Click on the Anchor to open the panel

*If you decided to close the Jump To links those will remain closed until you decide to open the panel again.





  • Expand or collapse the Widgets you need to use 

*If you decided to close the Jump To links those will remain closed until you decide to open the panel again.



Widgets: Multi-Column

  • Depending on your screen size you can have it set to show 1, 2, or 3 rows of Widgets.

*Screenshots were taken from a traditional laptop screen with the Resolution of 1920x1008. 

768-1280 = 1 column with panels collapsed

1281-1680 = 1 column with panels opened

1681-2560 = 2 columns

2560 and up = 3 columns



Profiles Panel

  • Expand or collapse the Profiles panel. 

*If you decided to close the panel those will remain closed until you decide to open it again



Expand and Collapse Profiles and Jump To links  

  • When the Jump To and Profiles are closed you can always expand them for quick access by clicking on the highlighted icons.
  • When you click on the icons the panels will expand out as an overlay as seen in the bottom screenshots 





  • Use the search feature to quickly access widgets you need to work in. 



Quick Links

  • Use either highlighted icon to access Employee Quick Links




  • The highlighted icon provides access to add or view Notes 




  • If you have this option configured use the highlighted icon to email the employee 




  • Use the highlighted area to download the Employee Profile information to a PDF



Edit Tabs

  • Click the Edit Tabs to configure the windows you would like to see on each tab



Personalize the Employee Profile (Multi-Column)

  • Personalize the Dates, Cost Center, and Profile to only show fields that managers and administrators use regularly

  • Personalize the information that appears in the Employee Profile, My Profile, and Dashboard Headers

*Additional Widgets to come



Hide Profiles

  • Click the Edit Tabs to remove or add the Profiles Panel to the Employee Profile 




  • Use the highlighted area to save your changes!



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