June Release Series: New Timesheet Experience


The new Timesheet experience is an upgrade for both admins and employees through a cleaner interface that makes the information at hand more digestible while still providing access to the same functionality as before. 


The new version simplifies the timesheet by giving everyday actions prime real estate on the screen and making less common actions more discreet. As an admin, you can even customize certain aspects of the timesheet to fit your organization's unique needs.


Follow the overview below to navigate the new Timesheet experience.

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Comparing Experiences

  • The New Timesheet Experience in the New UI provides a responsive, all-in-one experience for the employee.
  • Employees can clock in and out, view and edit their timesheet, submit changes, and more in one place. 
  • Expand and minimize days on your timesheet for easier viewing. 
  • Condensed views into items such as Notes (both daily and time entry related), Timesheet Metrics, Schedules, and Exceptions.




Fixed Date and Schedule Column

With the New Timesheet Experience, users will no longer lose track of Date and Schedule information as they scroll across the screen. The Date column will now include easy access to schedule information and will continue to stay visible.




Navigations and Actions

Navigating and completing Actions on the timesheet is very similar across the two versions. The New Timesheet experience offers a cleaner look with common actions visible in the toolbar and access to Utilities from the More Actions icon. The New Timesheet Experience also offers better visibility into the Timesheet’s status next to the date range. 




Clocking In and Out

Both experiences offer the ability for users to clock in and out. In the New Timesheet experience, you can find the Punch buttons directly below the Actions.




New Timesheet Metrics

A new feature only available in the New Timesheet Experience allows up to four metrics to be added to the employee’s timesheet view. These metrics appear at the top of the timesheet to show total hours or available balances to the employee. 


*Please reach out to your Client Support Team if you would like to customize these metrics for your organization.




Organizing the Timesheet

Another new feature only available in the New Timesheet Experience allows for admins to organize the timesheet and re-order the timesheet columns to fit the needs of their company. This configuration can be completed in the Timesheet Profile in the Time Entry Collected Data section. 


*Please reach out to your Client Support Team if you would like to re-order the timesheet columns for your organization.




Watch the Video

New Timesheet Overview for Managers


New Timesheet Overview for Employees