June Release Series: Recruitment Workspaces


The next phase in our June Release Series is the Recruitment Workspace. We first introduced the new workspace back in April while still allowing users to toggle back to the classic experience. The latest release permanently implements the new experience by removing the toggle. 


The new Recruitment Workspace simplifies the way you recruit and hire candidates with new features like offer letter workflows, new quick action buttons, and downloadable applications. 


What to expect:

  • Offer letter workflow— allow Managers to create offer letters and submit to HR for approval before sending to applicants. If you would like to enable this feature, please reach out to your Client Support Team.
  • Download button— recruiters/managers and applicants can download and view the entire detailed job application, including any job-related questionnaires. 
  • Quick Action Hire button— perform the Hire action using a manual action or an HR action directly from the workspace job application.
  • Collapsable Jump To and Quick Action panels— view your Recruitment Workspace screen more by minimizing the panels. 




Comparing Experiences

Achieve more from your new Recruitment Workspace.